PALM SPRINGS — Former City Councilmember Mike McCulloch, 63, a Certified Public Accountant, is looking to return to the dais in the Nov. 3 election to represent District 4.

Two others are also seeking the seat: incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Christy Holstege and political newcomer Dian Torres.

District 4 is located primarily east of Sunrise Way and south of Ramon Road. Some of the neighborhoods included in the district are Los Compadres, Melody Ranch and Sonora Sunrise.

The district, according to the city, has an estimated 9,100 residents. Its voting-age population of roughly 7,400 residents is 80% Caucasian 12% Latinx according to city figures.

The November 2020 election marks the first time that voters in Districts 4 and 5 will vote in a district election following the city’s transition away from at-large elections. Districts 1, 2, and 3 transitioned in 2019 when voters  elected Councilmembers Grace Garner and Dennis Woods and Mayor Geoff Kors respectively.

Uken Report has posed a series of similar questions to all three candidates. Following are the responses from McCulloch.

Uken Report (UR) Why are you seeking election?

Mike McCulloch: I ran and served a single term from 2003-2007, ultimately deciding to not run a second term because I had young children at home and I wanted to be there for them during their formative years. Within the last year, several local residents, business owners and stakeholders approached me about running for office. Upon consideration, I knew it was the right time to throw my hat back into the ring.

I am a proven leader with decades of government, business and community experience. I run my own CPA practice, I served Palm Springs City Council, as well as other organizations including the Palm Springs Lions Club and as Past President of The Hundred Club of Palm Springs.

UR: What qualities/strengths do you have that you opponents do not?

Mike McCulloch: Palm Springs is facing a $75 million dollar budgetary shortfall due to COVID-19. As a Certified Public Accountant, I have the financial expertise, education and background to help navigate our City through these unprecedented times.

Palm Springs will also be well-served by having a businessperson on Council. I have a Master’s in Business Administration from UCLA and have decades of real-world experience in running my own CPA practice. I have lived in the City of Palm Springs for nearly 50 years.  I attended Cahuilla Elementary, Nellie Coffman Jr. High School and graduated from Palm Springs High School.

UR: If elected, what are your goals?

Mike McCulloch: My goals are the following:

  • Safely restart our local economy
  • Noticeably improve homelessness issue in our City
  • Solve the COVID-19 budget shortfall and maintain essential City services like our parks, Senior Center, library and animal shelter
  • Ensure public safety by supporting our Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Services
  • Restore our quality of life post-pandemic

UR: Single biggest accomplishment while in office?

Mike McCulloch: I am proud of the fact that while I was on council (and known as “The Numbers Guy”), we balanced the budget.  During the full three fiscal years I served, the city averaged over $9 Million of “Excess Revenues over Expenditures” (black ink), which is over 14% of average revenues for the period.

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