Mission Statement

At UkenReport.com, I will focus on people, personalities and politics of the Coachella Valley, letting the facts of the day dictate the news and allowing the stories room to breathe.

UkenReport.com is designed to provide a behind-the-scenes look at how decisions are made and some of the political posturing that sometimes goes unnoticed. It is designed to hold public officials accountable and hold them to a high standard of transparency.

But it won’t stop there. Former Riverside County Supervisor Patricia “Corky” Larson once told me that the Coachella Valley is teeming with stories, even a Pulitzer Prize. All we had to do was report honestly, accurately, fairly and timely. I believed her then and I believe her now.

She wasn’t encouraging the practice of journalism for accolades and rewards; she was saying that there are local stories of great significance to be told in the Coachella Valley from its people.

I want to tell those stories, wherever they take me and whomever they involve. Stories will look at how decisions in Washington are impacting Coachella Valley residents.

In the past six years, I have developed a passion for covering health issues, mental health issues, suicide, depression and more. Greater awareness is sorely needed. I plan to help fill the void.

I start this new venture with a clean slate. It is an exciting time. I hope if you have story suggestions that you will contact me and let me know.

As with any start-up, I have big hopes for this site. Your financial support will make it possible for UkenReport.com to continue offering free access.

I, like many independent news organizations, will use a Facebook-based commenting system. I have relied on it for the past two years and find it an excellent and efficient method to foster healthy debate and conversation.

UkenReport.com is an independently owned and operated website, covering the Coachella Valley.