Our Mission

Uken Report is persistent in getting the facts first to help us direct the news of the day and allowing our stories room to breathe.

Our mission is backed by these core values:

  • People’s Perspective: Reporting requires the maturity to gain the knowledge and to be respectful of another person’s personal beliefs. The key to our success lies solely in our ability to fully understand the perspective of another.
  • Pursuit of Justice: The pursuit of justice is a journey to the truth. We will always strive for the highest standards, but accept that the outcome will always have room for improvement.
  • Integrity: Regardless of the situation, Uken Report stakeholders should be able to see a consistency in our methods, behaviors, actions, and words.

Our Vision

Uken Report strives to be the most authentic, respected online news and marketing platform in the Coachella Valley.


Uken Report

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