Kevin McCarthy will be Speaker of the House of Representatives. [Opinion]

The mid-term elections dealt a major blow to the House of Representatives and Democrats. Nancy Pelosi already announced she won’t serve in her party’s leadership, and she won’t be Speaker.

This means Republicans will now chair all committees. This is also a blow to Democratic staffers as many will lose jobs or find posts in the Biden Administration.

Most importantly it means Bakersfield’s Kevin McCarthy will be the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

The incoming Speaker of the House has engineered the Republican victories in the last two House election cycles culminating in majority status for House Republicans.

Kevin McCarthy is a very skilled and principled leader. He developed his party plan to take back the House and helped Republicans nationwide garner almost 5 million more votes than Democrats.

Kevin McCarthy served in the California Legislature where he served as its Republican Leader in his last term. Shortly after election to the House of Representatives he was elected to the leadership team by his peers.

What should Californians and our nation expect from the new Speaker of the House?  A commonsense approach to tackling record inflation, record high gas prices, problems at California’s ports and impacts of supply chain problems.

Americans have also made it clear they want to know more about the origins of COVID, the senseless death of our military personnel during the poorly planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. They also have expressed concerns with a Biden Administration forcing woke policies on our military and at our military academies.

McCarthy has also announced he will remove one antisemitic Democrat from her committee assignment and remove two California House Members from their committee assignments.

One member had a Chinese Spy on his congressional staff and was reportedly having a relationship with that employee. The other has had a longstanding issue with honesty and integrity.

Look for Kevin McCarthy to win the Speakership and he’ll work to fulfill his party promises to the voters.

He’ll be working with a Democrat party that has already chosen its leadership team and selected a new leader, Hakeem Jeffries, for its Minority Party.

We wish Speaker McCarthy the very best in his new leadership post. With America facing so many problems a fresh perspective and proven leader should help the Biden Administration and the Senate correct its course and put our nation back on track and reunite Americans.

Editor’s note: The views expressed in this opinion column do not necessarily reflect the views of Uken Report.


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