NFL broadcasters take cheap shot at fighter pilots

This past weekend was another underwhelming set of ratings for the National Football League (NFL).

Players and coaches have taken a knee during the playing of our National Anthem in support of Black Lives Matter movement.

The NFL Players Association, NFL Commissioner, and others decided to make a statement. Few would have guessed Fox Sports would have two of it broadcasters taking a cheap shot at fighter pilots.

So, for 13 seconds after a flyover, Fox Sports announcers Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are heard ridiculing the military jet flyover of the Packers and Buccaneers game.

Neither Aikman nor Buck has served his country. They make millions calling a football game each week. Many consider the duo to be the best at calling a football game.

Aikman and Buck think the flyover was a waste of jet fuel. They also said, “that stuff ain’t happening with a Kamala-Biden administration.” One can only believe they are also stating their political views. For the record, Troy, it’s Biden-Harris.

Flyovers have been a part of professional and collegiate sports for decades. Major League Baseball and college football, actually request these flyovers each year. Why? The flyover is a fan favorite and it fits in at the conclusion of the National Anthem.

Aikman, a former Dallas Cowboy and NFL Hall of Famer, and Buck, a professional sports talking head, have managed to stoke great criticism of the NFL. Thus far. I hear no apologies from Fox Sports or Aikman and Buck.

This “dynamic duo” and the 13 seconds  or so of their ”hot mic“ remarks are easily understood as “anti military and anti American“ and are one more insult to all who serve, or who served in our all volunteer military.

America is a great country and flyovers have helped Americans celebrate our country and those who serve. While flyovers take all types of aircraft and helicopters to perform and are costly, Americans love them!  In fact, all flyovers are booked as training missions and are budgeted in that manner as flying units revive fuel allocations annually.

Jet noise “is the sound of freedom.” If Aikman and Buck keep up their snarky remarks more Americans will continue to tune out the NFL . Less viewers result in reduced money for the leagues , owners, and players.

Last we checked the NFL is under attack for brain injuries. Who knows how long football, on any level, will be allowed to be played here. Many want tackle football banned to prevent further injuries and death.

As for Aikman and Buck they are free to make their remarks , in part, because America’s sons and daughters “man up” and “suit up “ to defend the rights of freedom of speech for millionaires like Aikman and Buck , and the rest of us,  so take  your cheap shots for those that  Guard America’s skies.

Only 1% of America’s sons and daughters are serving in our military. Millions of veterans are used to getting dumped on by the elites.

America watches sports as an escape. Most don’t turn into Fox Sports for political opinions or commentary. They get that on CNN, Fox, or MSNBC cable shows, or by tuning into radio shows hosted by liberals or conservatives.

Let’s get back to sports being sports and announcers who tell us who’s rumbling, stumbling, or bumbling. Keep politics and political policy out of sports!


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