Laughter and joy over the years at Nicolino’s Famous Italian Restaurant

Nicolino's Bids Farewell

Entertainment at Nicolino’s

Rhonda and I are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from the community that we have received over the past couple of months as word spread that Nicolino’s was closing.

Good times and lean times, Nicolino’s like any other business went through years of ups and downs. But now that it’s over, the good times we remember far outweigh the bad. I think what Nicolino’s offered besides food and drink is, that we tried make all feel like they were at home. We wanted that feeling to go along with your meals.

It is my belief that at Nicolino’s there was no false pretense, it’s just that simple. Nicolino’s was not your high-end restaurant where the fork or spoon was in the correct placement. Hey, it was on the table, enough said. Thirty-nine years says it all.

Our motto was, ” We make it, give you plenty and we don’t charge a lot.”

Sometime maybe we were not up to an individual’s standards of service or fair, and I heard about it. My feelings were always the same, “I am disappointed in myself for disappointing them.” We will try harder.

Rhonda and I want to thank each and every one of you for sharing your lives in our restaurant. You all have been more than customers; you have been friends and family. We also want to thank all of our incredible employees, who have worked tirelessly to make Nicolino’s feel like home over the years. Many of our employees went on to start their own restaurants, businesses and families.

Last month we closed a chapter, but the memories we’ve created will live on forever.

As news of Nicolino’s Italian Pizzeria, Restaurant & Bar close, Mark & Rhonda bid you all a heart-filled goodbye from Nicolino’s.

Peace & Love,

Mark & Rhonda



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