My Republican credentials are pretty solid. President, chairman, or treasurer of a few political action committees that supported many Republican state and federal officeholders or seekers. Delegate to two Republican presidential conventions, Republican political appointee, and the radio voice of the very first 2016 radio ads in battleground states that supported Donald Trump.

While I am not a constitutional scholar, I agreed with President Trump when he said da president has awesome power. Presidents have tremendous power. Presidents  Roosevelt, Truman,  Kennedy,  Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush 41 & 43, and Obama used their powers to wage war. That is awesome power!

During this coronavirus, brought to us from China, our President has performed well according to longtime foes such as Governor Mario Cuomo, D-N.Y., and others from across the aisle.

Yes, it’s the states that can and do shut down and then hopefully fire up their own economic engines one at a time  —at least during a Global Pandemic. Even your mayors, county commissioners, county supervisors, and aldermen/selectmen can help or hurt local economies.

The president sets the national and international tone with pro job and pro business programs and polices. Our economy was smoking hot prior to the pandemic. So, you smart folks can debate if it’s the president who reignites the economy, or is it the governors? What about  our small business owners?

Now, here’s  a quiz for you historians? Who was the first president to use the Impoundment Control Act? Give up? Thomas Jefferson. Who was the last? Richard Milhouse Nixon. What was the Impoundment Act ? It allowed the president to withhold funds from things and places he didn’t care for. Congress stripped the full power of the Impoundment Act after feeling President Nixon abused it. That’s probably not a surprise.

OK, after taking that longstanding authority from all future presidents, the wise House and Senate threw future presidents a bone. Yep! A president could withhold or impound funds for a whopping 45 days. That’s it! Congress, of course, wanted to allow itself an out so the president could withhold funds longer if a bill was passed saying that could be done.

In most cases, brilliant minds of all types and genders serve our presidents. It makes you wonder just how our president thins he could withhold funds from the WHO? OK, the WHO is not that rock band. In this case, it’s the World Health Organization. If I can be so bold, it is likely he does know he can without funds for up to 45 days. Easy to remember since he’s our 45th president.

Nobody with a brain cell thinks the World Health Organization has done better than a F+ on the Global Pandemic. Many think the “leadership” was negligent in spreading the message about the coronavirus.

Madeline Albright recently stated “ The Chinese Government is responsible for the spread of the Coronavirus.”  (Source: Fox News) Our president firmly believes this, too. When he banned Chinese flights and travel to the United States he took tremendous heat from the usual suspects. This was the right action.

While most think the WHO needs to make changes, and do it now, this organization is under the United  Nations Umbrella. Unless I missed it, the United Nations hasn’t shown much gratitude to the United  States, no matter who is president.  Neither has any of their Secretary Generals. President Trump points  this out often in Tweets and at his press conferences. He done the same with NATO leaders when they don’t pay agreed-to shares.

The WHO needs changes and now. Since President Trump can’t dial back a Congressional Appropriation. OK, he could veto a bill, but he can’t cut off the cash to WHO for more than 45 days, even if we agree he should.

Let’s see if our U.N. Ambassador can mobilize, say a few hundred U.N  Ambassadors whose countries lost thousands to the coronavirus, and make changes at WHO. This is one time these Ambassadors ought to flex their diplomatic muscle and give the WHO a message that the world’s blood is on their hands and a Chinese central government that failed to share what they knew when they knew it.