CATHEDRAL CITY — I believe it is time for me to weigh in on the World Naked Bike Ride event. This event has not been discussed with Council. No permits have been pulled. It has only been suggested as an event.

One of the best parts of being on Council is that new ideas and events can be brought forward that might be best for the future of Cathedral City and its residents. Council can agree or disagree. The 2014 Council was noted for working together no matter how a matter was decided, and the Council stayed in harmony and moved forward. I am sure this Council will follow suit.

With that being said, I spoke with Mayor (Gregory S.) Pettis this morning and shared that I am totally, unequivocally against the World Naked Bike Ride.

It is only fair that I share my reasons, so you will know what they are. First, I truly believe it is morally incorrect. Second, I worry what kind of message we are sending to the children of Cathedral City. The event will travel in front of the Boys and Girls Club of Cathedral City. We the Council of Cathedral City have a duty to create a positive environment for our city.

As families look to Cathedral City to relocate to either live or open a new business, I do not think this event would help them decide to come here.

No Way to World Naked Bike Ride [Opinion]

Zachary Robertson

Zachary Robertson, co-founder of the World Naked Bike Ride in Bellingham, Wash., can use any explanation he chooses to promote his event, but not in Cathedral City. He outlined his reasons in a Dec. 16 article on

They included: “Environment: To protest our “indecent exposure” to fossil fuels. Safety: To highlight bicyclist vulnerability (a clothed cyclist is no more safe than a nude one when it comes to run-ins with cars). And, To redefine our body image in society.”

These messages can be displayed on a billboard, newspaper, and fliers, but riding down our streets with your cheese out — NO WAY.

I also do not CARE how much money this event would bring to our city. I DO care about our image and our branding. I care about the residents. I care about the damage the city would suffer.

Zachary, if you want to ride the streets with your son on your back, nude, go for it. Sell this nonsense to another city, not here in Cathedral City —not ever —if I have anything to say.