Almost 4.7 million who bear the title Veteran have been injured while serving [Opinion]

One of the most elite titles Americans may earn is the title of Veteran. While most Americans could join the military just1% will do so.

As of 2019 when most statistics showed the vast majority of Veterans had served in the Cold War, Vietnam, and the Gulf War. Few Korean War Veterans remain alive at this point in time.

Women have been serving in record numbers and represent almost 18% of the Veteran population. Men still represented 91 plus percent of the Veterans in recent demographic.

Military service isn’t easy and almost 4.7 million who bear the title Veteran have been injured while serving their country. These injuries happen in combat and also in training exercises.

Post 9-11-2001, Veterans get injured at at a rate much higher than all other Veterans from all other eras. Fully 41% of these patriotic military veterans got hurt while defending our nation. Other era Veterans combined for a injured rating of 25%.

The Veterans Administration establishes disability ratings. A Veteran who is rated 50% disabled receives just $1,050 per month. Most Veterans don’t qualify for a pension.

If this seems like a small amount of monthly income to live on to you, it is. How many of us could live on $1050.00 per month? Not many. Yes, partially disabled Veterans may work and earn additional money but not all firms or companies will give them a chance.

Veterans are not looking for a free ride. Veterans are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. They served their country and have leadership skills most people their same age have never had. They have learned to make decisions, aren’t afraid of hard work or long hours. They are not the kind to complain but have worked in an environment that strives to be inclusive and doesn’t tolerate discrimination or harassment.

Veterans receive hiring preferences in federal government agencies. Most states also offer preferential employment as well. Some county and city governments also offer preferential employment for Veterans. You may also find sate and private colleges with preferential programs for Veterans.

Private business lags behind governments in employment of Veterans. This isn’t because they aren’t “Veteran friendly“ it’s just because small, medium, and large businesses have yet to develop programs for Veterans. More work is needed by private businesses in hiring Veterans.

Veterans are beginning to own more of their own businesses. This is great news and Veterans hire fellow Veterans. Recent reports show that about 2.5 million Veterans own a small business.

If you are a Veteran and you are one of the 2.5 million who own a business make sure you check out SAM.GOV. You will see that the federal government actually has programs designed to give you a preferential shot at government contracts. Registering is fairly easy.

Federal government Contracting Officers want to help you. Not long ago we helped sign up 1,000 business owners in a single day with this program. Many state and county purchasing officers also want to hear from you. More work is needed by colleges and universities in this area.

If you have a job to offer a Veteran please contact your local or state Veterans Service Officers. They can help you get the word out your want to hire Veterans. Your local Workforce Development Centers and or Community Action Partnership programs have Veterans assistance programs as well.

Thank you for your service to your country. Job placement, peer counseling, and business assistance are all as close as a website or phone call away.


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