Americans are living in an interesting time both locally and nationally and Uken Report would like to extend to you a platform on which to share your opinion.

Is Donald Trump right? Does America need a wall? Are the Democrats right to say no? What about the Mueller investigation?

Homelessness remains a pervasive issue in the Coachella Valley. Do you have an opinion for potential solutions? For all intents and purposes the 2020 Presidential election is underway. Who should the Democrats put forward? How about the Republicans?

For those in Indio, Cathedral City, and Palm Springs, do you have an opinion about district elections? You can’t change the system at this point, but what do you think about it?

The Opinion section of Uken Report is designed to be a robust platform that gives rises to a variety of thoughtful opinions in a healthy exchange. The Opinion section is becoming one of the best read sections on this digital media platform.

Uken Report will accept opinion pieces that offer new insights and thoughtful arguments on primarily local issues although pieces that address state and national issues will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Pieces should be at least 300 words and no longer than 700 words. All submissions are subject to editing for clarity.

All submissions must include a high-resolution head shot of the author and a brief bio.

Submissions will only be considered if they are submitted exclusively to Uken Report.

Some of the more provocative, thoughtful and well-written opinion submissions could be posted on the editor’s Facebook page and Twitter account.

Hateful, racist, bigoted submissions will not be accepted. Submissions must also be free from libel. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. You may disagree with a public figure’s stance, opinion, or vote, but Uken Report will not allow personal attacks. You can save that kind of material for Facebook where, it seems, anything goes.

The platform of Uken Report is open to Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Green Party, Tea Party, decline-to-state voters and beyond.

Send your submission to We look forward to hearing from you.