State Oxygen Depot Established in Riverside County to Assist Area Hospitals with Oxygen Needs

Hospitals have been running low on oxygen supplies for patients across Southern California. To help meet the need,  officials on Thursday announced the state has delivered oxygen generators — referred to as an oxygen depot — to Riverside County to help meet the urgent need.

The State of California Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA), working with the Riverside County Emergency Management Department (EMD), brought much needed oxygen into the county in the form of an oxygen depot to help meet the needs of hospitals within the region.

“Oxygen suppliers are having a difficult time meeting the high demand of area hospitals due to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said EMD Director, Bruce Barton “This isn’t limited to just one hospital. COVID patients need lots of oxygen and that’s taxing the entire healthcare system. We’ve been working with representatives from California Emergency Medical Services Authority to address the growing needs and we’re glad to report that today EMSA set up an oxygen depot, a state resource, that will supply Riverside County and surrounding counties with oxygen.”

The oxygen depot is comprised of two large oxygen generators that will fill the large tanks used by hospitals and will augment the local oxygen supply. Centrally located, Riverside County is an ideal location to provide this resource to neighboring counties.

Supported by Riverside County Facilities Management, EMSA staffing will be available 24 hours a day to fill oxygen tanks. The oxygen generator is expected to remain until suppliers are able to keep up with demands.

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