Get Involved in Historic Redistricting Process in Palm Desert

PALM DESERT — The City of Palm Desert is initiating a redistricting process to shift from the current two-district system to a new five-district system.

The redistricting process will determine where the new City Council district lines will be drawn. The five new districts will impact how voters elect members of the City Council until the next redistricting process following the 2030 Census.

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Pre-Map Public Hearing on Sept. 14 at 4:30 PM in the City Council Chambers or on Zoom.  ( Pre-Map Public Hearing to inform the City Council and public about the redistricting process, how to provide public comment; how to submit a map for consideration; solicit public comment.

Community Q&A Highlight

  • District 1 will remain intact, as much as possible, because the boundaries were drawn based on 2020 data in compliance with the lawsuit.
  • Communities can request information sessions, such as HOAs or neighborhood watch groups.
  • Comments can be made at any workshop, public hearing, or sent to the City Clerk at any time.
  • Typically, Councils do not automatically accept the maps presented by the demographers.  In Palm Springs, a community leader’s map was chosen.
  • People can submit maps that draw boundaries for the entire city, or the boundaries they would like to see for their district.
  • Submissions do not have to be electronic. Paper maps are available for residents to draw their own boundaries.
  • Paper maps do not have to be forms issued by the City. The City Clerk stated that even maps submitted on napkins will be included.
  • Partial maps will be submitted to the demographers to identify areas people want to keep together.
  • Partial maps will help identify communities of interest.
  • Data will be gathered from the 2020 Census, such as household size, household income, ages, residents of voting age, but not information such as home values or professions.
  • All maps submitted will be displayed on the City’s redistricting website. They will be assigned random numbers but are publicly available.
  • Maps can be submitted now through November 1.
  • After November 1st, the maps submitted will be evaluated to make sure they are in compliance with the requirements, then presented at various community gatherings for input. Some are in person, and others are hybrid.

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