5 Voting Districts Bring Equal Representation to Palm Desert [Opinion]

PALM DESERT — We experienced a stunning development last Thursday with the approval of Five Voting Districts by our Palm Desert City Council.  This was the culmination of years of effort by the “Yes on B campaign” to bring equal representation to all parts of our great city.

“At-Large” voting has become a process of the past with increased diversity and population growth. The current trend in cities is to change to district voting for city council government. Palm Desert did that Thursday night.

This is a big change for Palm Desert.  It took vision and foresight for the Palm Desert City Council to approve the new voting method.  Who likes to change?  Most don’t until we get used to it. Our city council is to be commended for their decision to change which took courage and fortitude.  In the end, many will grow to appreciate district voting and then ultimately embrace it.

The city can now move on to other exciting topics such as the new public library and the construction of new city parks for north Palm Desert.  We can look forward to these wonderful new resources for our residents and guests.  Palm Desert will continue to be a premier destination city for our beautiful and beloved Coachella Valley.

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