Palm Springs POA Has Change of Heart Toward Christy Holstege

ASSEMBLY DISTRICT 47, CA — Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Christy Holstege for Assembly received some love in the form of an endorsement from the Palm Springs Police Officers Association.

This is an about face for the POA — and one worth noting.

In 2020, as you may recall, then-Mayor Pro Tem Holstege published a statement on June 9th, 2020, stating The Palm Springs Police Department has an “Ongoing history of police brutality directed at Black communities and communities of color” and has a long history of “Racist city policies and policing.”

Read Holstege’s full letter here.

The POA took umbrage with her in an opinion column published on Uken Report.

Apparently, time has healed the wounds of four years ago.

Her campaign says that as a trusted voice in Palm Springs, Holstege has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents. Her collaborative approach to addressing public safety challenges, coupled with her advocacy for community-oriented policing practices, aligns closely with the values and priorities of the Palm Springs Police Officers Association.

“We are proud to endorse Christy Holstege for Assembly District 47,” Mike Torres, Palm Springs Police Officers Association Vice President, said in a statement. “Her steadfast support for law enforcement, coupled with her dedication to building strong relationships between our officers and the community, makes her the clear choice to continue representing Palm Springs.”

Holstege expressed gratitude for the endorsement, emphasizing her ongoing commitment to working collaboratively with law enforcement to address the evolving needs of Palm Springs. “I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of the Palm Springs Police Officers Association,” Holstege said in a statement “Together, we will continue our efforts to enhance public safety, foster trust between law enforcement and the community, and create a safer, more inclusive Palm Springs for all.”

The endorsement from the Palm Springs Police Officers Association underscores Christy Holstege’s leadership and vision for the future of Palm Springs. With a proven track record of prioritizing public safety and community well-being, Holstege remains dedicated to serving as a strong advocate for all residents.

Christy’s campaign continues to out-raise her incumbent Republican opponent. and she has secured high-profile endorsements and significant local grassroots support.

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