Overheard at a local drugstore on Wednesday was a conversation between an oh, so patient cashier and an abrasive customer regarding city orders as they relate to face coverings.

The customer was not wearing a face covering and argued with the cashier when she told him he either needed to wear one or leave. The customer maintained that face covering order had been dropped. The exchange became heated and he stormed out in a major pout.

Yes, there is some confusion, but make no mistake, cities like Palm Springs and Coachella are re-enforcing their health orders.

The city of Palm s Springs recently amended several emergency city orders related to COVID-19 as a way to fill gaps left by the County of Riverside’s rescission of its orders.

Here is an update on city orders in Palm Springs:

Cover Your Face (face coverings)

Face coverings MUST be worn at all open businesses and in all other public settings when 6 feet distancing is not possible.

Examples include:
• Waiting in line to go inside a store
• Shopping at a store
• Picking up food at a restaurant
• Picking up retail goods at a retail store that is allowed to be open
• On public transportation (or waiting for it)
• In a taxi or rideshare vehicle
• Seeking healthcare
• Going into facilities allowed to stay open
• Working an essential job that interacts with the public

Face coverings are no longer required to be worn by people who are outside walking, golfing, playing tennis, pickleball, hiking, bicycling or running. However, people must comply with social distancing during these activities, including maintaining at least 6 feet of distance from other people. People should also have a face covering readily accessible.

Social Distancing

All persons are required to engage in “social distancing” while out in public by maintaining a six-foot separation from all persons except for members of their same household and medical providers with the appropriate personal protection equipment.

“Shelter in Place”

– in effect until further notice; residents are to stay at home, unless they are engaging in essential activities, such as working at an essential business or going to the grocery or drug store. Residents may leave home for restaurant meal pickup and retail curbside pickup as well leave to participate in exercise activities such as golf, tennis, pickleball, or hiking.

Golf Courses

Public and Private – Open with restrictions; Golfers are required to follow National Golf Course Owners Association “Park and Play” Guidelines and other requirements in the City order.
Public and private recreational courts – Pickleball and tennis resumed play on Monday, May 11 on both public and private courts. Private courts are governed by HOA’s. Only singles play is allowed on City owned courts. Palm Springs residents can call Parks & Recreation to reserve public courts at (760) 323-8272. Singles only is recommended on private courts.

Community Pools

Multiple users are now allowed to swim in private community pools as long as at least six feet of social distancing is practiced or are members of the same household. For Jacuzzis, only one person or household is allowed. Patio furniture is allowed re-introduction at private community pools as long as it is sanitized and social distancing is practiced. It is up to individual HOA’s to determine whether or not to re-open their community pool. For now, the public pool at the Palm Springs Swim Center will remain closed.

Short Term Rentals & Hotel Lodging

A moratorium is still in effect until May 31. Council will consider this order at the May 21 meeting. Currently, the State of California has restricted short-tern rentals and hotel lodging to essential visits only, such as medical providers.


Work on residential and commercial properties may continue as long as the work is primarily exterior — or the building is vacant. Face coverings must be worn and social distancing must be practiced.

Residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Palm Springs Police Department’s COVID-19 hotline at (760) 323-8159. To view City orders, click here.

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