Kraft launches pink mac & cheese for Valentine’s Day that tastes like candy

PITTSBURGH & CHICAGO — Forget heart-shaped chocolate and bouquets of overpriced roses, celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a classic – Kraft Mac & Cheese.

In January, Kraft Mac & Cheese launched a limited-edition Candy Kraft Mac & Cheese for Valentine’s Day. The latter is made with the same cheesy Kraft Mac & Cheese Americans know and love, but includes a candy flavor packet to turn the macaroni and cheese pink and add hints of sweet candy flavor.

No more noodling on what gift to buy. There is no better way to show your love this Valentine’s Day than saying “you’re the mac to my cheese” with the new candy-flavored combo.

So, what makes the powder pink? Is it crushed-up conversation hearts? Is it a special dust from Cupid’s arrow? Actually, according to a Kraft-Heinz spokesperson, the vibrant pink hue comes from beetroot and carrot concentrates. As for what makes it tastes like candy, the extra packet of powder contains fructose, natural flavors and vanilla extract, they told

While macaroni merges with cheese most harmoniously, Kraft decided to add on a third wheel for Feb. 14: candy … pink candy. And no, the candy is not for dessert.

Children have noshed on macaroni and cheese for decades. Did anyone think it would be the way to someone’s heart, especially on Valentine’s Day? 


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