Politics, it turns out, are good for the restaurant business, especially in Rancho Mirage where a flurry of fundraisers either have been held — or will soon be held.

Politicos for both local and statewide offices have selected Las Casuelas Nuevas, DRINGK and Acqua California Bistro to kick off their campaigns, a pivotal moment in the run-up to election day. The almighty kickoff is designed to impress and attract supports — and donors.

It is a refreshing trend, of sorts. Often, though not always, candidates launch their campaigns surrounded by close friends and family in a private home where they plot strategy. This new breed of candidate clearly wants to see — and be seen.

Politicos Lean On Eateries for Launch Parties

Acqua California Bistro

In January, Acqua California Bistro served as the backdrop for what was billed as “Brunch with the Stars.” It was a fundraiser for Joy Silver who is running for the 28th state Senate seat now held by Republican Jeff Stone.

Silver’s fundraiser attracted national leaders in the Democratic Party, including former U.S. Sen. and Rancho Mirage resident Barbara Boxer and Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz, giving the bistro a high profile.

The following day, the Committee to Elect Kate Spates hosted a kick-off event at the restaurant, which opened in July 2017. Spates, who is seeking a seat on the five-member Rancho Mirage City Council, also intends to have breakfast at Acqua once a week so she can meet with residents and listen to their concerns.

Politicos Lean On Eateries for Launch Parties

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller, also a candidate for the Rancho Mirage City Council, is holding is campaign rally kickoff today, Thursday, Feb. 1, at Las Casuela Nuevas in Rancho Mirage, easily one of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the Coachella Valley. The rally begins at 5:30 p.m.

Mueller said there were four reasons for selecting the eatery, including:

1. “It was the unanimous choice of my Advisory Council.

2. Kate Spates just had her kickoff at Aqua. No one wanted to appear to follow her.

3. Las Casuelas gave us a better deal.

4. Potentially more fun.  Life is short!”

Politicos Lean On Eateries for Launch Parties

Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington, one of six candidates vying for one of three, four-year terms on the Rancho Mirage City Council will kick off his campaign on Monday, Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. at DRINGK at The River.Politicos Lean On Eateries for Launch Parties

Harrington said he will share his platform and answer constituent questions, he said.

“I chose DRINGK to help support downtown Rancho Mirage,” Harrington told Uken Report. “My goal, if elected, is to revitalize our downtown.”

DRINGK is located at the north side of The River adjacent to the shaded parking, which was formerly occupied by Fox & Fiddle.