Palm Springs Police Department Prepares for Upcoming Storm; Roadway Safety Measures to be Implemented

PALM SPRINGS — The Palm Springs Police Department is closely monitoring the forecasted storm expected to impact the area. In response to the anticipated weather conditions, PSPD is taking proactive measures, to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents and visitors, in the city.

As part of its preparedness efforts, PSPD, in coordination with our public works department, will be shutting down affected roadways as necessary, to protect motorists and prevent any accidents. Road closures and any necessary detours will be implemented based on real-time assessments of road conditions and safety considerations.

PSPD understands the importance of keeping the community informed and connected during weather-related emergencies. To receive the most current information related to road closures, emergency alerts, and safety advisories, it sstrongly encourage all residents and visitors to follow updates through Everbridge.

You can sign-up through this link:

Everbridge is a trusted platform for emergency communications, offering timely and accurate information directly to your mobile device or email.

The Palm Springs Police Department is committed to the safety of the community. In a news release, it reminds everyone of some best practices, for driving safely in inclement weather. Officials strongly advise minimizing non-essential travel and, if feasible, staying at home. For those who must venture out, here are some crucial safety reminders:

  • Activate headlights and disable cruise control.
  • Maintain a secure grip on the steering wheel.

Exercise heightened caution by adhering to the following guidelines:

  • Reduce speed and approach driving with increased caution.
  • Double the typical following distance to accommodate extended stopping distances on wet roads.
  • Stay vigilant for road debris that may pose hazards.

In the event of hydroplaning:

  • Refrain from abrupt braking.
  • Stay composed, reduce acceleration, steer towards the desired direction, and employ gentle brake pulsing until traction is restored.

During flood occurrences:

  • Exercise prudence and refrain from assuming the depth of water or road conditions, particularly in nocturnal settings.
  • Opt to turn around instead of traversing flooded areas; as minimal as 6 inches of water can compromise smaller vehicles, with 12 inches having the potential to sweep away any vehicle.

In cases of rising floodwaters surrounding your vehicle:

  • Abandon the vehicle promptly.
  • Seek higher ground on foot.

For emergencies, please call 911. For non-emergency inquiries related to the storm, contact the Palm Springs Police Department at 760-327-1441.

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