Two Veteran Indio City Councilors Each Appear to Snag Another Four-year Term

INDIO — Veteran City Councilmembers Lupe Ramos Amith and Glenn Alan Miller each appear to have fought off challengers in the Nov. 3 election to retain their seats on the Indio City Council.

All votes have not been counted and the election has not been certified. Each has held significant leads all week.

As of Saturday night, Ramos Amith, with 2,001 votes,  held back two challengers — Frank Ruiz, 934,   and Erick Lemus Nadurille, 589,  —while Miller, with 3,964, held his own against Erin Teran,  who snagged 2,222 votes,

Both Ramos Amith and Miller began campaigning and raising money in 2019.  They will represent District 5 and District 1 respectively. Nov. 3 marked the first time voters in those districts have voted since Indio moved from at-large elections to district-based elections.

In a statement to Uken Report, Ramos-Amith said, “Our community has honored me with their vote for City Council and for Mayor in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016, and there’s a reason for that: I’m bi-partisan to a fault, sometimes earning disdain from one political party or another, attacking me for representing ALL VOTERS, regardless of party affiliation.

“And being elected four times tells me that:

  1. voters agree with me: EXPERIENCE MATTERS!
  2. the core issues I discussed throughout my campaign resonated with the voters: Economic recovery, support of public safety and support of local businesses and jobs.
  3. the voters overwhelmingly expressed their confidence that I’m the candidate best equipped to succeed. Indio has a unique local economy and I’ve worked and succeeded in meeting everyone’s needs, learning so much along the way. I’m the best bet to continue our community’s momentum.

“I attribute my win to understanding my community’s needs, listening to every resident, my leadership and track record of success.

“This election cycle required a different approach and strategy due to the global pandemic. I want to thank my campaign team for their guidance and hard work that led to our victory.

“Being elected to a fifth term means that I will be able to continue to be THE voice of the residents. To those who voted for me, THANK YOU! I want you to please continue to keep me informed on what your position is on the issues, so I can consider them before I advocate for them in your name.

“To those for whom I was not your choice, I am YOUR VOICE as well. I depend on you to let me know your opinion on issues, so I can represent them on your behalf. Your feedback is extremely important to me because, it is by listening to opinions different from mine, that I learn about new perspectives. A closed mind cannot learn, so I need you to help educate me on opinions I have yet to consider. You are vital to my success, please help me be the best representative of our community. This has to be a WIN-WIN for all.”

Glenn Miller, first elected to the City Council in 2008. This will be his fourth term. He has not commented.

Approximately 272,000 Vote-by-Mail and 25,000 Provisional ballots still must be processed. Ballots that are postmarked on or before Election Day also remain to be counted. The next updated results will be posted at 6 p.m. on 1Monday, Nov. 9.






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  • Lupe Ramos Amith and Glenn Miller: Lupe Ramos Amith and Glenn Miller