Visit Greater Palm Springs Partners with Vrbo and Rent Responsibly during music festivals

RANCHO MIRAGE — Rooms are needed for the upcoming music festivals, so Visit Greater Palm Springs, together with Vrbo, a part of Expedia Group and Rent Responsibly, launched Hosting Essentials for Coachella & Stagecoach 2023.

This new initiative provides short-term vacation rental hosts in the Coachella Valley with resources to help promote compliance with local regulations and minimize disruptive events heading into festival season. Specifically, vacation rental hosts will have access to tools to proactively educate guests and prevent nuisance, including guides on responsible renting, links to each city’s regulations, and brochures on how to be a good neighbor.

“Tourism is the number one industry in the Coachella Valley, providing 1 in every 5 jobs locally. If tourism didn’t exist at the level it does today, each household would have to pay an additional $3,970 a year in taxes,” said Scott White, President and CEO of Visit Greater Palm Springs. “Educating our vacation rental hosts, and providing them resources, is essential to creating balance so that guests visiting our region can continue to support local businesses and help our economy thrive.”

“Sustainable and responsible tourism requires that the vacation rental industry develop education for our fellow hosts, owners and managers. The Hosting Essentials initiative is a win-win for the guests, neighbors and the local hosting community,” said David Krauss, CEO and co-founder of Rent Responsibly. “Along with Visit Greater Palm Springs, Vrbo and the other partners, Rent Responsibly is proud to extend the reach of this important campaign.”

“Vacation rentals in the Coachella Valley have supported generations of local homeowners, small businesses, and travelers visiting the area,” said Alyssa Stinson, Vrbo’s California Government & Corporate Affairs Manager. “Their continued success hinges upon open collaboration, education, and engagement between hosts, local leaders, and the neighborhoods they serve. Vrbo is proud to work alongside our partners on the Hosting Essentials initiative as we head into festival season.”

Other partners include Vacation Rental Owners and Neighbors of La Quinta and NoiseAware. The partnership will continue beyond the festivals to include virtual webinars and in-person meetups in select cities. With roughly 18,000 hotel rooms in the Coachella Valley, and as many as 125,000 attendees each weekend during the music festival season, vacation rentals provide essential lodging for residents and visitors alike. By promoting resources for vacation rental hosts to comply with local regulations and prevent disruptions, this partnership will ensure these critical properties can continue to benefit our community and economy.

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