Editor’s Note: When Democrat Greg Pettis submitted an opinion piece last week offering his recommendations on the various ballot issues and candidates, Uken Report asked on Facebook whether a Republican would want to submit a counter guest column. One did. Michael Harrington of Rancho Mirage, a former Democrat-turned-Republican offered to do so. Following is his opinion piece.

I was a Democrat and had a position in the state party. My law and order values and job creator philosophies fit the Republican Party. I changed party registration. Most of my choices will be Republican.

These are my recommendations:


Travis Allen ( R ) He will cut taxes, repeal the gas tax, spur the economy, and get tough on crime. We need to revitalize our economy and bring back jobs.  I support police and fire. We need to repeal soft on crime measures that put criminals back on the streets.

John Cox ( R ) has some good ideas but also some extreme views that may clash with real-world politics. He wants to end the sanctuary state but without a plan for comprehensive immigration reform in Washington, the fabric of our community will suffer.

The Democratic field – top two are Newsom and Chiang –  are just more big government soft on crime versions of Governor Brown. Brown has put us into insolvency and created a state haven for criminals.

We need to make California the Golden State again.

U.S. Senator-

Erin Cruz ( R ) She will refocus on the Constitution and putting America first again. Cut taxes and restore the middle class through job creation. A dark horse candidate I encourage you to get to know.

Kevin DeLeon is a big government politician that creates endless legislation because he sees government as the answer. As Regan said, government is the problem.

Feinstein. Has served through many administrations and sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Somehow, she has blamed all federal government failures on everyone else, but her. Time to see through this and vote for change.

Lt. Governor-

Lydia Ortega ( R ) An economics professor raised in East L.A.. strong conservative values. Exemplifies why Latinos will change from democrats to republicans. She believes in creating jobs through stimulating the economy, making education affordable again, and rebuilding our infrastructure.

Cole Harris ( R) is a very popular candidate but I’m going with a Latina.

Democrats Bleich, Kounalakis and Hernandez and Republican Harris. Together, they account for most of the $6.7 million reported in campaign contributions. Big money, big government, big mistake.

Secretary of State –

Mark Meuser ( R ) He will restore voter confidence and clean up our archaic business registration system.

Alex Padilla ( D ) incumbent has not earned another term. Time for change.

Attorney General –

Steven Bailey ( R ) As a trial judge he knows what is broken in our legal system. Tough on crime but understand mental health and veteran’s courts. He understands how Prop. 47 and AB 109 put more criminals on the streets.

Xavier Becerra is the appointed incumbent. Our state is a haven for criminals and a free fire zone on cops. Time for a republican. Don’t vote in the politically appointed incumbent.

Insurance Commissioner-

No Recommendation


Board of Equalization-

Joel Anderson

U.S. House of Representatives –

Kimberlin Brown-Pelzer ( R ) She will revitalize our local economy, she understands business and agriculture. Cut taxes and support first responders.

Raul Ruiz ( D ) I still can’t  understand why he protested against America while at Harvard University. Let’s support America again. Are you better off today that you were when he came to office? I’m not.  Time for change.

State Senate-

Jeff Stone


State Assembly District 42-

Andrew Kotyuk


State Assembly District 56-

Jeff Gonzalez


State Superintendent of Schools-

No Recommendation


County Supervisor-

Toss Up

Manuel Perez has support from all public safety unions. He has experience in forming coalitions and getting work done.

Jan Harnik has been successful on Palm Desert City Council. She is a businessperson and can manage a budget. She can find middle ground and make progress in her jurisdiction. Harnik is definitely an up-and-comer. We will see if this is her year or not.

Disclosure: I support the rank and file of Riverside Sheriffs and Cal Fire. Perez has their endorsements as I did as a candidate for Rancho Mirage Council.

District Attorney-

Hestrin is tough on crime , his deputies support him.

Sheriff –

Chad Bianco He has the support of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department. They need a cop’s cop not a politician which they already have in Sniff. Bianco understands community policing. He will be a reformer.

County Treasurer-

Jon Christensen


68  No

69 no recommendation

70 Yes

71 Yes

72 No