PALM SPRINGS — Gov. Gavin Newsom on July 1 ordered — effective immediately — a three-week closure of bars and indoor restaurant operations among certain other businesses in Riverside and 18 other counties to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus ahead of Fourth of July weekend.

Whether the order remains in effect remains to be seen. But this much is certain: There is some confusion as to when masks must be worn, what constitutes a meal, when can you order a drink, can you order an after-dinner drink, and more.

We have the answers to those and more. You may find them by clicking here. This is where you will find The City of Palm Springs’ Rules for Restaurants during COVID-19.

The governor’s order also covers indoor operations of movie theaters, wineries, tasting rooms, family entertainment centers, zoos, museums and cardrooms. This encompass more than 70% of California’s population.

In addition, the Palm Springs City Council passed rules that include

  1. Requiring face coverings outside near any business or in any business district,
  2. Requiring customers at restaurants to put on their face covering when a server or other employee is at the table,
  3. Specifically requiring face coverings when at a gym or fitness facility including when working out (it has been required in all businesses but some were allowing people to work out without face coverings so we made it explicit), and
  4. Requiring signs on doors of all hotel rooms and vacation rentals with face covering and distancing rules.

The city Our code enforcement has conducted at 1000 proactive visits to businesses to ensure compliance and will be citing violators, according to Mayor Geoff Kors. More than 200 citations with fines have been issued.

The City Council also authorized revoking business licenses for repeated violations.

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