RivCo Supervisors Board Meeting To Help Reduce Covid-19 Spread

After several employees who work at the County Administrative Center (CAC) were confirmed to have coronavirus, all board offices at the CAC and the executive office have temporarily closed. The office closures impact portions of the fourth and fifth floors of the CAC. The rest of the building remains open.

The next Board of Supervisors meeting scheduled for Tuesday (June 30) will be virtual as permitted by the State of California during the pandemic. Members of the public may watch and listen online by clicking here or here.

Community members may still speak before the board via telephone. To speak during public comment or on an agenda item, register with the Clerk of the Board’s Office at least 24 hours in advance online by clicking here. A follow up email with additional instructions will be provided.

Approximately 200 employees in the affected offices are in the process of being tested. In accordance with disease containment recommendations from RUHS – Public Health, the office spaces were cleaned and disinfected to curb continued transmission.

“This is an important reminder that coronavirus is present throughout all of Southern California and any one of us may contract the virus,” said County Executive Officer George Johnson. “We’ve acted quickly to temporarily close and set up testing to protect employees and residents who visit our offices.”

Employees will telecommute until cleared to return to work. Board offices can still be reached by emailing the district office or the clerk of the board.

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