Will All Future Presidents Have a ‘D’ Next to Their Names? Electoral College was not Designed to Give more Weight to Populated States to Always Choose our President Based on Popular Vote

The framers of our Constitution were brilliant when debating the Electoral College system of electing our Presidents. It gave each State in the Union a proportional say, based on their population, on their choice for President. To be specific, Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the federal Constitution could not be clearer: “Each State shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress…”  The design of the Electoral College was not to give more weight to populated States like California and New York to always choose our President based on the popular vote which they have more of.

Furthermore, the framers of the Constitution specifically gave the responsibility to write laws and policies for running elections exclusively to each State Legislature — NOT their respective Governors or Secretaries of State!   The framers of the U.S. Constitution knew that the Legislatures were a ‘reflection of their populace’ hence empowered the elections processes to them only. This would prevent ‘rogue elected officials’ in some States, from capitalizing on their “bully pulpit” to influence election outcomes.

It does not matter whether you supported President Trump or former Vice-President Joe Biden; but what should matter to you, is that our elections remain transparent, honest, and lawful. To do otherwise, is to continue to erode the respect and laws outlined in our Federal Constitution as many of our rogue democratic  members of Congress are trying to do e.g. 2nd amendment rights, religious rights, etc. which are constantly being attacked, and in some cases,  successfully eroded.

In many of the battleground States, it was not the legislature’s laws and processes that were followed in campaign 2020, in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Many rogue Secretaries of State modified the election rules, did not follow State laws in their respective States, ‘under the guise of COVID-19’, successfully loosened the scrutiny of the true identities and true eligibility of voters, and extending the deadlines and times when votes could be cast, submitted, and counted, all in direct conflict with their State Legislatures and hence, the U.S. Constitution. But most importantly, these unlawful directives were done purposely to ‘effectuate a fraudulent election’, to anoint, the future leader of the free world and enshrining him into office to become the most powerful person on the globe.

You may ask, why is the U.S. Supreme Court mum on the apparent breech of federal law to elect our President? Was a deal made with the designated victor to never support “stacking the court” in order to look the other way? Or does the judicial branch not want to be blamed for calling out obvious and undeniable transparent breeches of federal law overturning an election and, the malcontent and malfeasance that could easily result? The judicial branch of government was designed to be independent of the executive and legislative branches of our federal government…. to be apolitical, and to be honest arbiters, always defending our constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Unfortunately, our Supreme Court has failed our republic and failed our democracy that each U.S. Supreme Court Justice took an oath to protect. Another ‘slice of democracy’, if not the most important slice, our vote, has now been compromised. Will you truly have faith that your vote counted after election 2020? The travesty is that if our citizens don’t believe that their vote truly counts, and that the political elite will choose our leaders, why even bother to vote? Hence, will all Presidents in the future be democrats?

Our democracy may succumb to a ‘death from a hundred slices’ if our citizens do not quickly wake up and fight for the freedoms and liberties at risk from our aggressive and “winning at any cost” enemies foreign and domestic.







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