Over three years ago, we learned about a plan to build 260 homes in spectacular Oswit Canyon and plans to construct a flood diversion system the size of the Empire State Building laying right across the base of the mountain.

Residents joined together to prevent this development and save the Canyon’s unique ecosystem, which includes the endangered bighorn sheep and several other endangered and threatened species. We spoke at City Council meetings, Planning Commission meetings, held a rally at the Canyon (that was attended by almost 600 people), collected over 5,000 signatures for a citizens initiative to change the zoning, and much, much more. We never gave up on our quest to keep this Canyon pristine for the residents of Palm Springs and for future generations.  We have always said “not one shovel not one house in this canyon.”

So, we are thrilled to announce today that Save Oswit Canyon, Inc, the City of Palm Springs and the developers have finally reached an agreement that enables us to purchase this land and conserve it as open space.

Help Us Save Oswit Canyon [Opinion]Thanks to the help of the Coachella Valley Mountains Conservancy (CVMC) in working to obtain state and federal funds, and to a pledge from the City itself, we are only $1,000,000 short of what’s needed to purchase the land and preserve it in perpetuity. We cannot lose the opportunity to save this land over just $1,000,000!

If every resident  in Palm Springs helped with a tax-deductible donation of just $25, we would easily reach our goal. Donations are urgently needed, as the developer has only given us to the end of the year to raise this money or they will move forward with plans to build.

Save Oswit Canyon is a nonprofit organization and has been and still is a purely volunteer organization. No one draws a salary or other compensation because we believe so much in this endeavor. 100% of donations will go toward saving the Canyon. In addition, we have two donors that are willing to match dollar-for-dollar up to $100,000 until Aug 30th, so if someone donates $100 now, it’s really like you’re donating $200. We are urging everyone to please help. Anyone donating over $500 will have their name appear in the canyon. No donation is too small and certainly no donation is too large.

This is our one and only chance to save this canyon forever. We would not be asking for help if we didn’t need it. We only have five months to raise this money! Please we need help. What a tragedy it would be to lose this opportunity to save this canyon.  Don’t look back and regret that you didn’t help.

Find us on Facebook: “Save Oswit Canyon and Lykken Hiking Trail”

Image Sources

  • Fb_img_1563477648280: Markku Lahdesmaki
  • Bighorn sheep: Robert Bell