Scranton, PA needs a break on gas prices and so does everyone else [Opinion]

In November 2021, Uken Report told readers that gasoline would hit $7 per gallon in California. Many are paying that for Premium fuels for high performance cars.

Look for gas prices to hit $7 a gallon by mid-summer or even sooner!

Analysts who watch the petroleum industry see prices hitting $8 per gallon in late summer if domestic production isn’t increased soon.

These higher prices may hit the pumps as early as August 2022. Economists say we are headed for a “major” recession and continued gas price increases will make it worse.

Almost every analyst, (not the green ones), reports that we must increase domestic oil production to halt the inflation. More domestic oil for gasoline production will ease pricing. It also creates jobs.

A modest release of oil from our Strategic Reserve won’t get it done. We must produce more domestic crude oil if we are to see gas prices begin to fall. It is a fact our crude is cleaner than international imports.

From the outset the polices pushed by the environmental movement were flawed!  The strategy to simply just cut production and force us to buy battery-powered cars was flat wrong.

First, across the nation we are being told that companies that provide our electricity can’t purchase or produce enough for domestic or business use now that summer is here. More brown outs and outright power outages are coming again.

So, if just 25% of Americans had plug-in cars, how do they recharge them? We have owned a plug-in car (past tense) and our electric bill went up 35%! It also spent weeks at a time at the dealership for one reason or another. Reliability of a car costing that much shouldn’t be an issue.

A reasonable person realizes you can’t just shut off oil production or cut it and not drive up prices. It’s all about demand and the demand is great for gasoline and diesel.

The extreme left hopes higher gas prices just force you to stop driving a fossil fuel powered car and many hope fuel prices do continue to go up.

Let’s “reset” this horrible policy. Let’s let Americans decide what they want to drive. Gasoline, diesel, hydrogen, battery, CNG, or something else not yet invented.

Let’s turn our oil supplies back on and produce oil here at home. Let’s stop buying crude oil from our enemies and lining pockets of those who export terror and invade their neighboring countries.

Let’s remember the present polices are hurting low- and middle-income earners the most. These are supposed to be “Working Joe’s people.” You know, Joe is from Scranton, Penn.

America is only 15 months removed from energy independence and exporting oil to those in need. We can do this again but we need a President, Cabinet, and Democrats in the Senate and House to push for energy independence not crude oil elimination.

It’s not too late to stop the total distraction of our economy, Mr. President. Let’s start producing our own oil and gas here at home and start yesterday.

Mr. President, start issuing those executive orders that help rather than hurt the economy. Stop telling us that a tax increase on the most successful will stop the recession and stop blaming Vladimir Putin for those ballistic gas and diesel prices before they hit $7, $8, $9, or $10 per gallon.

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