Democrats Take Control of U.S. Senate [Opinion]

While the Republicans hold 50 seats, the Democrats 48, and Independents two, say goodbye to Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and hello to Chuck Schumer of New York as Majority Leader in the U S Senate.

Kamala Harris, as Vice President, will give the majority vote to the Democrats.

Democrats in Georgia look like they have taken both U S Senate Seats in a Special Election held Tueday, Jan. 5 in the Peach Tree state. Both elections were close but close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades. Biden carried Georgia by 12,000 votes in the November election to capture Georgia.

Now the process of appointing and electing new chairs in the Senate begins. Expect every vice chair on the blue side of the aisle to oust every red-sider.

Also look for many Republican Senate staffers to be hitting the unemployment lines. Where will they go for work? Some become members of the “Third House” or lobbyists, others head back to the states, get jobs with associations in the D C area as lobbyists, others get corporate jobs as lobbyists, some leave government and head for schools and colleges that need — you guessed it — lobbyists.

Times will be tough for these good people. With Democrats in command in the White House, Senate, and House, these folks won’t find a lot of jobs lobbying. Those will mostly go to Democrats and that makes sense. Doesn’t it? Maybe home state legislatures or governors need knowledgeable staffers. They may find work back home. These are the casualties most never think about.

So, after the dust all settles it looks like the Democrats hit the trifecta — White House, Senate, and House. A clean sweep for the Democrats and uncertain future for the nation.

Today, Trumpsters hit Capitol Hill in protest and remain convinced Joe Biden stole the election in the battleground states. Four years ago Democrats were in total disbelief that Trump bested Hillary Clinton. Senators were contesting the vote in those states and protesters managed to shut down the place.

As in 2016, Trump promised to be everyone’s President. So has Biden. Both called for “unity” in 2016 and now in 2021. Given the red side feels the election was stolen by the blue side it is unlikely unity will prevail. The red sisters  are already saying Joe Biden is an “illegitimate occupier of the White House“ just as the Democrats said of G. W. Bush and Donald Trump. It’s just plain ugly.

Let’s pray that the America 75 million Americans voted for isn’t dismantled in total favor of  the 77 million Americans whom sought a change at the White House.

America, its promises, its Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our freedom are still the envy of the world  The only people who benefit when Americans are divided are Communist and Socialist Party leaders around the globe.

America the beautiful, is  the land of the free because of the brave. A land where “liberty and justice for all” must prevail. May God continue to bless this very special nation and all those who call her home.




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