Mission Statement

Uken Report is persistent in getting the facts first to help us direct the news of the day and allowing our stories room to breathe.


Content Writing

Cindy Uken is a skilled interviewer and reporter. She writes for print, magazine and online publications, covering an array of topics and issues ranging from health, mental health, veterans, human interest, features, profiles, Q&As and more.

Uken has been a professional in this industry for more than two decades and has garnered numerous awards and valuable reporting and interviewing skills in the process. She has a keen ability to get her subjects to open up in ways they did not expect to when she walked in the door. She can be tough and yet sensitive.

Uken prides herself on putting a human face to the issue at hand. Her motto is that every story should touch you in your heart, head, groin and pocketbook She not only looks at an issue as it is unfolding today but also looks at how it will affect readers in the future.


Whether it be novice journalists or professional colleagues, they turn to Uken for advice on how to add a color and emotion to a story and ask the tough questions. They seek her out to get the best out of an interview.


Uken has worked on city news desks for daily newspapers in Minnesota and South Dakota. She also served a stint on the copy desk at USA Today. She is knowledgeable about AP style, spelling, grammar and punctuation.