Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco held off challenger to secure a second term.

Sheriff Chad Bianco, first elected in November 2018 after a heated battle against then-Sheriff Stan Sniff, has won a second term, according to unofficial election results.

As of Wednesday morning, June 8, Bianco had garnered 103,459 votes for 58.42% of the vote. His challenger, Michael Lujan, a retired sheriff’s captain. netted 73,630 votes for 41.58% of the vote. Lujan announced his bid in March.

Approximately 150,000 Vote-by-Mail and 2,000 Provisional ballots still must be processed. Work on those began this morning, June 8. Ballots that are postmarked on or before Election Day also remain to be counted. The next updated results will be posted at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 8.

Bianco’s first term in office has been anything but dull. He has been the target of ire and praise and even a call to resign. Undeterred, he carried on. He told Uken Report, “I do not believe I would do anything different.  The Sheriff’s Department is in the best position we have been for decades.  We are emerging as a leader in the law enforcement profession on how to do things correctly.”

Bianco, flanked by his wife and friends, gathered a private party in Norco waiting for results.

On his Facebook page, he posted the following note saying it was from him and his wife, Denise.

Sheriff Bianco Headed for Second Term in RivCo

Denise Bianco and Sheriff Chad Bianco

“This is a victory for Riverside County residents. It clearly sends a strong message that identity politics and blatant lies during a campaign will not sway voters who are legitimately concerned about law enforcement and public safety,” Bianco’s post states. “Outside special interests and anti-public safety agendas have no business in the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department. I am very proud of my last four years, and I am extremely proud of the 4000 men and women of the Sheriff’s Department who loyally serve this county.
“I look forward to leading this department for the next four years, creating a safer Riverside County. We will continue in our goal to make Riverside County the safest place in the nation. I will also stand steadfast in protection of your Constitutional and God-given rights and freedoms….”

The department is responsible for 7,300 square miles which extends over 200 miles in length and approximately 50 miles in width. This vast territory makes Riverside County the fourth largest county in the state of California.

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