Sheriff Chad Bianco commands one of the largest law enforcement agencies in America [Opinion]

In a 90-minute address to the Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce, which was made up of audience of business owners, bureaucrats, and elected officials. Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco told participants in the video conference that law enforcement and public safety costs were increasing while sales tax revenues were falling.

Bianco is on target with his assessment. Since the “shutdown to flatten the curve“ went into effect almost 10 months ago, sales tax revenues in cities across America have cratered.

Cities and counties who negotiated labor contracts in 2019, well before this pandemic, are obligated to pay the modest increases in pay they bargained for.

The summer of 2020 is more evidence of how our peace officers deserve every penny they earn. Police officers and sheriff’s deputies are on the front lines when it comes to making our communities safe.

Wage‘s across the country for police officers and deputy sheriff’s vary greatly. However the risk is the same as any police officer in any city. A deputy sheriff in any county takes the same risk.

This is why calls to cut law enforcement funding are ill-advised and irresponsible. Cutting funds is just too great a risk. Yes, more training, education, and review of procedures is warranted. Nobody denies law enforcement should be exempt from review, improved training, use of force polices, and more.

Any man or woman who serves in law enforcement at the city, county, state, or federal level should be respected for his or here willingness to serve. They protect us around the clock each and every day of the year.

Unfortunately, too many die in the line of duty each year when responding to our calls for help. Cities, counties, states, and our federal government honor law enforcement each year with special memorials each May.

Sheriff Bianco commands one of the largest law enforcement agencies in America, with a full-time staff of 3500 and 1000-plus reserve and volunteers members.

The challenge Bianco faces as a chief law enforcement official in Riverside County are identical to those of police chiefs and sheriffs across the land. This challenge is how to retain dedicated men and woman in a career field that is so dangerous and often under siege.

As we head into Inauguration Day we are grateful that these men and women are protecting and serving in every city, county, and state.  Along with America’s National Guard they will be serving extra duty on Jan. 20, 2021. Let’s pray they are safe and we have another peaceful transition of the presidency.

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