Palm Springs Neighbors for Neighborhoods (PSN4N) announced Sunday via a News Release that it has received the endorsement of Small Hotels of Palm Springs (SHoPS) for YES on Measure C to prohibit short-term vacation rentals in single-family neighborhoods.

“Palm Spring’s history of unique intimate hotels goes back to its very beginning,” David Shariari, chairman and spokesperson for the 17-member organization, said in a prepared statement. “We offer a variety of lodging experiences, and we are always coming up with new ways to accommodate an ever-changing hospitality business.”

Measure C is on the June 5 ballot.

“We provide the boutique hotel experience while meeting all the strict health and safety requirements in place to keep guests safe and secure,”Shariari said. “Small hotels have been an integral part of Palm Springs’ renaissance, but we have been stunted by the unfair competition of the short-term vacation rental that need not adhere to the same stringent rules and regulations we are required to.”

SHoPS encourages residents to support Palm Spring’s small hotels and Vote Yes on Measure C.

Recently, two of the three Palm Springs hotels named by Conde Nast Traveler as the Top Hot Properties of the World, were small hotels —The Rossi and Holiday House.

Marina Rossi, owner of The Rossi, said in a prepared statement that, “We have felt the impact of not only the over supply of new hotel rooms coming online recently but also the uncontrolled growth of (short-term rentals) that present a clear unfair business advantage to the small hotels.”

SN4N Campaign Manager, Rob Grimm said, “It’s time to return tourists to our world-famous inns and boutique hotels. These establishments help maintain that “Mid-Century Charm” that Palm Springs is all about. It would be a crime to continue to let out-of-town investors who are running unsupervised mini-hotels in residential areas not only ruin our neighborhoods, but also bring down these inns and boutique hotels.”

More information can be found at the group’s website here.