Consumer conservation may be needed to keep the power grid stable in high heat

FOLSOM. – The California Independent System Operator (ISO) is issuing a heat bulletin in anticipation of increased electricity demand due to high heat and above normal temperatures across California. Potential for resource shortfalls are projected for Monday.

On Monday, temperatures in the California inland areas are forecast to be in the mid90s to mid-100s, which is about 4 to 8 degrees above normal for Northern California and 6 to 15 degrees above normal in Southern California. Temperatures in the Southern California coastal areas are forecasted to be slightly above normal with temperatures ranging from mid-70s to the middle and upper 80s.

If weather or system conditions worsen, the ISO may issue a series of notifications to access additional resources, and prepare market participants and the public for potential energy shortages and the need to conserve. For more information, see the ISO’s Alerts, Warnings, and Emergency Notifications fact sheet.

The ISO could also issue a Flex Alert, a voluntary call for consumers to reduce electricity use during critical times of stress on the grid. Learn more about conserving energy or sign up for alerts at

The ISO continues to closely monitor conditions and will provide updates as necessary.

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