Teddy Bears Presented to Palm Springs Fire Department and Rancho Mirage Sheriff

Teddy Bears Doled Out to Valley First Responders

Teddy Bear distributed by American Veterans (AMVETS) Post 66.

PALM SPRINGS, RANCHO MIRAGE —Dozens of teddy bears have been distributed in recent weeks to first responders throughout the Coachella Valley, courtesy of AMVETS Post 66.

First responders will use the teddy bears to help calm children during an emergency and in situations of distress. The children are encouraged to keep the teddy bear after the emergency has ended.

First responders will give the stuffed animal to small victims of traumatic events they encounter – children in car accidents, fires, domestic violence – bears who can serve as friends and confidantes for the children as they seek to find new order in a new unfamiliar and chaotic world.

The bears help kids feel safe. And they actually belong to the kids, who are sometimes left with nothing else with which to start rebuilding their lives.

Carlos Lopez, a lifetime member of Post 66 presented 12 stuffed teddy bears to the Palm Springs Fire Department last week. Carlos attempted to give the bears to the Police Department but for some “unknown strange reason” it rejected the gift, according to Tom Swann-Hernandez of AMVETS Post 66.

Kimberly Corrales, police services officer for PSPD, said there was obviously some mix-up because the department will definitely accepting the stuffed bears.

Lopez then presented 11 bears to the Sheriff’s Department office in Palm Desert which serves the City of Rancho Mirage. The sergeant there told Uken Report he told officers to put them in their patrol cars and use as needed. “It’s a good cause,” the sergeant said.

The teddy bears are to be given by first responders to young children in distress during a family emergency. Last year Swann-Hernandez said Post 66 presented teddy bears to the Cathedral City Police Department. In the past Post 66 has presented bears to the 29 Palms Military Police Unit at the Marine Corps Base.








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