The longest Armed Forces Day celebrations last three days [Opinion]

Did your remember Armed Forces Day? A word of thanks and praise if you remembered it was Armed Forces Day.

Some ask, “What exactly is Armed Forces Day?”

First, it was a creation of former President Harry S. Truman. Truman himself was a Veteran and served during World War I. This would be a day to remember everyone serving in our Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard. The National Guard and Reserve components were also included.

Later in 1961, President John F. Kennedy, also a Veteran of  the Navy during World War  II, made Armed Forces Day an official U.S holiday. Kennedy chose the third Saturday in the month of May to celebrate our Armed Services.

Americans everywhere celebrate this special day. They fly our flag, visit military posts, forts, and bases. Some communities still hold special parades, enjoy a cook out, or those that really make an impact make and send care packages to soldiers, marines, sailors, airman, and guardians. All six military branches welcome the celebrations and some installations are even open for tours while those with aircraft may even be performing flyovers or air shows.

The longest Armed Forces Day celebrations last three days. Major League Baseball players wear special hats and other uniform items to honor the military on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You may also have a favorite team and stadium and those places have special ceremonies at pregame. That could be a service member throwing out the first pitch, a military color guard presenting the flags, and perhaps a fly over by a fighter plane, helicopter, or even a military paratrooper jumping out of the sky and bringing a special U.S. Flag to the field. Taking it one step further, Major League Baseball makes those special Armed  Forces Day weekend hats available for fans to purchase.

A world of encouragement for other professional sports such as NHL Hockey, NBA, and Soccer. Maybe you can add an Armed Forces Day uniform item to your inventory next season. It’s appreciated and noticed!

A great big salute to Major League Baseball  owners, players, and staff for every effort you make to promote patriotism and honor the Armed Forces! It is appreciated and it is noticed.

Baseball Hall of Fame President Tim Mead, also the son of an Air Force Veteran, has played a key role of recognizing the military by organizing many special celebrations to honor the military during his decades of service with the Angels. Mead has also flown aboard a National Guard F-4 fighter to honor his patriotic support of our military, Veterans, and families of those serving. We need more business and community leaders like Mead.

Other merchants offer discounts to military members for food and other retail purchases as well. If you are going shopping and curious if your favorite retailer offers a special discount to military or something for free just go online to your favorite search engine and check out discounts for Armed Services Day. ID is required to verify military service. Typically a Military, Veterans Administration, Drivers License, or Military Service Organization ID are acceptable forms of identification for those retailers offering a discount.

Thank you to all who are serving in All Volunteer Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, our new Space Force, and Coast Guard! You keep us free and safe. You are part of the 1 percent of Americans that are willing to put it all on the line for Americans and freedom around the world! Enjoy your special day

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