Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley Hosts Top Fifty Readers Competition

Top Fifty Readers Program Delivers Results

Left to right: Siah Nix, Scarlett Castro, and Mayra Dubose. (Photo courtesy of DeAnn Lubell)

LA QUINTA — It was a special day.  It was a gathering of the 50 winners of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley’s La Quinta location’s annual summer reading competition called Top Fifty Readers that has been an annual program for nearly three decades.  Soon each child would be presented with award certificates from the club and backpacks received from the recent 2022 SunLine Transit “Pack the Bus” event as prizes for their efforts.

Most all of these youngsters seemed advanced in maturity, manners, politeness, and respectfulness for their young ages.  It was obvious they were products of a nurturing, directional, and educational environment, as well as engaging in fun activities.  The La Quinta Club reading program and its impressive results just confirmed this.

“This summer program serves two purposes,” said Dr. Quinton Egson, who is the President and CEO of Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley.  “First, to encourage youth to read during the summer and continue their learning.  Studies have shown it is critical for children to continue to stay engaged in educational activities during this time.  Secondly, it served as a generational connection activity for all involved, as participants are paired up with members of the La Quinta Senior Center where they share stories and connect with one another.  This is our featured program for the education department during the summer.”

The cafeteria became quiet when longtime unit director, Siah Nix welcomed and congratulated the kids before introducing the Program Director, Mayra Dubose, who addressed the young audience.  “The Top Fifty Readers program is designed to help stimulate your brains.   It was created as an incentive education opportunity.  So, when you go back to school, it will put you ahead, not behind the other students.”

Scarlett Castro, age 10, won first prize for reading the most books.  When called up to the stage to receive her certificate the rest of the children gave a loud round of applause genuinely pleased for her.

The mission of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Coachella Valley is to save and enhance the lives of the young people of our community, especially those with economic and/or social needs by offering a safe haven and meaningful youth development services provided by a caring and qualified staff

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  • Backpacks: DeAnn Lubell