Our President Trump clearly understands that leadership can be lonely! President Trump, a man who loves his country, takes action to defend our country and the citizen taxpayers while getting overwhelming push back from the media, the left and even the right.

President Trump and his family are shamelessly attacked and disrespected mostly by the media and the left. Yet everyday he fights to do what he feels is right for citizens and our country.

So what is sad to see is some of our elected officials, who we expect to set an example for citizens and our children, resort to bashing our President. The excuse they use is free speech, but their words are shameful, diversionary and an attempt on their part to avoid accountability. Some examples are Maxine Waters who is just totally out of control, Senator De’Leon who we can thank for our problems resulting from Sanctuary Cities/State. Even Cathedral City’s Greg Pettis bashes President Trump while he can’t fix poverty levels in his own city and solve a pig problem.

Congresswomen Pelosi is drooling in hopes of being the Speaker of the House after the midterm in November. So if you want higher taxes, open borders, more poverty, socialism like in Venezuela then you need to ask yourself the question, are you the person who is fighting for a better America that many of our founding fathers and others since fought and died for or are you supporting the very values they fought to defend us from?

No matter if you are on the left, right or in the middle you are a citizen of the Greatest Country in the World. If you’re not a citizen and living here then you should be extremely grateful. If you’re here illegally then get on track or get out. Legal means legal. We have a President in Trump who is dedicated to make us greater and restore our position and respect throughout world and is fighting against forces from many directions to do what he promised during his campaign. And he is doing just that!

Here is an overview that breaks out the first 100 days followed by a more general overview to date. President Trump is keeping his promises! Check out the 100 days Tracker here. 

In addition, the above makes no mention of 4.1 GDP, lower unemployment with minorities, less people on food stamps, calls out the other countries in the world to do their part to defend themselves ie: UN, clean up your own back yard ie: Paris Accord and says no more trade in balance. In other words, stop taking advantage of American taxpayers.

So if you are a person who believes in our Constitution, our flag and what it stands for, stand for the Star Spangled Bannner, want lower taxes, secure borders, less government, think all must do their share to pay their own way  and preserve our freedoms, then you may very well be a Trumpster going for a ride on the Trump Train making America Greater than every before.