One sure sign that the days of summer are waning is the arrival of pumpkin spice promotions for everything from candles to coffee.

It’s huge business which is why we see the arrival of pumpkin spice items while it’s still watermelon-picking season.

Pumpkin spice isn’t just a scent or flavor it is a multimillion dollar business. Americans spent $360 million on pumpkin spice-flavored foods in 2015, according to Nielsen. That figure accounts only for the food items. If you add in Forbes’ estimate of $100 million in Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte revenue, and millions more in sales of similar beverages at McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Peets and other cafes, it estimates the size of the ever-expanding pumpkin spice economy — annual sales of pumpkin-flavored food, drinks and novelties — at more than $500 million this year.

And, if you think this craze starts and stops with lattes, think, again. There is a story on Eater called, “66 Pumpkin Spice Foods That Have No Business Being Pumpkin Spiced.” That included pumpkin spice flavored gum, waffles, muffins and marshmallows.

For the full list of the 66 items, click HERE.

When is enough, enough? Has the market reached a saturation point, or will there be more new pumpkin spice inspired products. For a glimpse into the future, consider that an analytic company, 1010data, analyzed pumpkin spiced products from August to December last year.

While they found companies were offering 50 percent more pumpkin spiced products than the previous year, sales climbed just 21 percent.

So, perhaps we won’t be seeing pumpkin spice scented bathroom bowl cleaner anytime soon.