Joe Pradettto Currently Among Five People Seeking District 2 Seat

PALM DESERT —In May, Joe Pradetto, 38, told Uken Report he was is still in the initial phase of organizing his campaign for District 2 and has a website, but is “working towards making a formal announcement very soon, and I believe that my announcement will reveal a strong start.”

On Thursday, he started the ignition, reporting that he has more than $70,000 cash-on-hand.

He currently serves as chair of the Planning Commission. District 2 generally includes all parts of the city south of Highway 111.

“When my neighbors asked me to run, I answered the call,” Pradetto said in a statement released Thursday, “because I have the experience to bring vision and common-sense leadership to the Palm Desert City Council.”

He has more than 15 years of experience in delivering public sector results, earning him a reputation as one of the region’s foremost experts in local government. Currently a director of governmental affairs, Pradetto also served as a special district president and Chief of Staff for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors.

“I have met few people who can cut through the noise and get to the heart of an issue as well as Joe Pradetto,” said Palm Desert Councilman Evan Trubee. “He approaches issues with common sense and logic. In my mission to protect Palm Desert’s future, I know we need leaders like him to keep the city focused on serving the people and getting results.”

In addition to Councilmember Evan Trubee, Pradetto has earned the endorsements of District Attorney Mike Hestrin, Sheriff Chad Bianco, and former Palm Desert councilmembers Sabby Jonathan, Van Tanner and Susan Marie Weber.

“As the only candidate with school aged children, I want to work to make Palm Desert the best place to live, do business, and raise a family,” Pradetto said. “I have the experience, the vision, and the values to build a safe and secure future for the residents of Palm Desert.”

Following is from our May story:

“As Palm Desert transitions to districts, residents must now select one single person to represent them. This change in governance creates a new opportunity for us to evaluate our leaders,” Pradetto told Uken Report. “I saw the probable options lining up for a run in my district and decided we needed another option, because our democracy grows stronger when candidates compete on policies and ideas. Although I am still in my organization phase and plan to make a formal announcement in the near future, I look forward to distinguishing myself as the commonsense candidate, focused on the core competencies of city government: safety, balanced budgets, and maintenance. As the only candidate with school-aged children, I want to work to ensure Palm Desert remains a great place to live, raise a family, and do business.”

With that, he was done — with the exception of this tease: “This has evolved very quickly for me. I’ve been working quietly for the last few months. … I’m going to hold the big news for later.”

Michael and Danyell Meade are holding a fundraiser for him at Toscana Country Club in Indian Wells on Thursday, May 30. There are multiple levels to the fundraiser. Individuals are $125; Bronze, $1,000; Silver, $2,500; and Gold, $5,000.

His professional journey commenced with the late Sen. John Benoit. Serving as ​Senator Benoit’s field representative brought Pradetto to Palm Desert in 2009.

Throughout his tenure with John Benoit, Pradetto emerged as a key advisor on ​critical issues ranging from public safety and public works to land use, ​recreation, property taxes, and transportation. It was during this time that Joe ​served as the Supervisor’s alternate on the Palo Verde Transit Agency Board of ​Directors and as a member of the Desert Healthcare District’s Program ​Committee.

In 2014, Joe managed Benoit’s successful reelection campaign and was honored ​as one of Palm Springs Life’s 40 Under 40.

Since 2023, Pradetto has worked in the city of Yucaipa as the ​Director of Governmental Affairs where he manages legislative advocacy ​efforts, strategic communications, grants, multi-governmental partnerships, ​and special projects.

Pradetto commitment to community involvement is evident through his roles on ​the Palm Desert Finance Committee and as the Chairman of the Palm Desert ​Planning Commission. As past president of the Coachella Valley Resource ​Conservation District, Pradetto protected taxpayers by ending years of corruption ​and bringing accountability and transparency. The result was delivering the ​agency’s first unmodified audit in years. In this position, he also spearheaded ​environmental conservation efforts, earning statewide recognition for ​innovation.

Pradetto resides in South Palm Desert with his wife Aubrey, daughters Elena and Ayla, ​and their dog Noodle.

The following individuals have filed a Candidate Intention Statement, Form 501, indicating their intent to run for Palm Desert City Council in the November 2024 Election:

District 1:

Quintanilla, Karina
Scott, Chris

District 2:

Akkerman, Gregg
Harnik, Jan
Kelly, Kathleen
Messenger, Faith
Pradetto, Joe

District 3:

Nelson, Stephen
Smith, Anyse

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