What is happening in our country? We are witnessing a meltdown of our democracy right before our eyes.

Is Donald Trump so powerful that he can intimidate the entire Republican majority of the House and Senate? Or, has his corruption grown so vast that either everyone wants a piece, or is everyone just scared of challenging the oligarch in the White House?

Trump, a self-admitted womanizer and assaulter, has shown blatant tendencies to support other accused sexual predators, from Roger Ailes, Roy Moore, many others across the country, and now Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It amazes me that any women would tolerate this, let alone the Republican women who are in Senate or House, or Melania for that matter.

Now, it appears that there are three women in the country who are accusing the Judge of sexual assault. At the very least, the nomination should be put on hold so the FBI can investigate. If that doesn’t occur the Senate should reject the nomination. The talk is that the Republican leadership is willing to bet on alienating women for decades to come in order to solidify a conservative majority on the Supreme Court for a generation.  I remember when former Gov. Pete Wilson did that with Hispanics and 2-plus years later they still haven’t returned to the Party.

On another note, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s job is hanging by a thread after reports surfaced that he offered to wear a wire and suggested that it might be necessary to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove the President. Rosenstein has reportedly told Chief of Staff John Kelly that Trump had to fire him himself and that he wouldn’t accept it if it came from the Chief of Staff.

This is critical as the Deputy Attorney General is the one supervising the Russia investigation. Rumors are circulating that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is already moving files over to state AG’s in the country to continue the work if a new person is appointed that closes down the investigation.

This is far worse than Richard Nixon covering up Watergate or Bill Clinton lying about an affair with Monica Lewinsky. This goes to the very heart of our country and its future.

Five weeks until the mid-term elections. The oversight role of Congress must be restored. Period.

Locally, former San Diego councilman and conservative activist Carl DeMaio was in town this past week to promote Proposition 6, the bill to repeal the state’s gas tax. Pity, low turnout and no media. Maybe people are beginning to realize how dangerous that could be for our roads, freeways and bridges. We need this money to do work up and down the state that has been neglected for years.

Well, that’s it for this week. As the election draws closer, say “Hi” to the candidates who come to your door. Whether you approve of their positions or not, they are out doing the hard work of campaigning for your vote and at least deserve your thanks and respect for putting themselves forward.

What Is Happening in Our Country? [Opinion]


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