A side effect of increased sports betting business is that sports as a whole sees more money. [Sponsored content]

If you’re looking to score some extra cash for the holiday season, and have a lot of sports knowledge, sports betting might be for you. Gambling on sports using apps and websites has taken off in the past year due to looser laws around sports betting. More states outside of Las Vegas can now offer sports betting, meaning that the money is about to come flowing in from bets. This is great news for both gamblers and workers in the industry.

2021 is a great time to get into sports betting, and 2022 is looking even better. Sports bettors have already put up big numbers in the states that legalized online gambling earlier in the year. Other states are aiming to have their sports betting ready for February’s Super Bowl. As part of the business, New York sports betting is preparing to be live in the upcoming weeks. That market in particular will show how sports business is set to skyrocket. New York City residents haven’t had access to sports betting without leaving the city before. Now that they will be able to gamble from their phones, we’re sure to see a lot of business for sports betting platforms in the coming weeks.

A side effect of increased sports betting business is that sports as a whole sees more money. As fans invest money in their wagers, they get more invested in the game. This leads to them buying more merchandise to help cheer on their team (so that they can win and score those jackpots). Bettors who do win big are likely to celebrate, which often means dropping more money on drinks and food at the in-arena vendors or sports bars. Overall, the more people get excited about sports, the more money they spend on them.

NFL Was Big in 2021

Many eyes were locked on the football games of this season, as were many bets. 2021’s NFL season marked a big return to major league sports with 17 regular-season games. The extra game a week gave fans more chances to buy tickets, buy merchandise, and place bets. Many states specifically timed their adoption of online sports betting to coincide with the NFL kickoff as they knew it would be a big event.


Reports suggest that this worked. States that adopted online gambling over the summer put up huge revenue numbers. The states that started in 2021 rivaled those that have had active gambling markets for years. Millions of dollars were spent in months. So, people are definitely itching to spend money on sports again. And with the gift-giving season approaching, we’re sure to see jersey sales and ticket sales increase.

As the march to the Super Bowl goes on, sports bar sales should also increase. Fans will want to watch the games with friends again after a year apart in lockdown. Expect to see sales of food and alcohol increase, as well as great revenue numbers for well-known sports bar chains.

How You Can Get a Piece of the Pie

Here’s the fun part: if you plan for it, you can make some profit off of the excitement around sports and sports betting. If you’ve got the time for another part-time job, you might want to check in on your local sports bar or sports retail store. They will likely want extra help for the holidays. If you’ve got business savvy, you could try selling sports memorabilia on a site like eBay. With fan hype at fever pitch, people are probably going to be looking for unique sports gifts to give to their loved ones. Finally, if you’re feeling lucky, look into a sports betting app. You might be able to win big while supporting your favorite team.