In the run-up to the Democratic National Convention, Axios is reporting that confidants of Joe Biden believe his choices for vice president have narrowed to Sen. Kamala Harris and Susan Rice — and would be surprised if he picks anyone else.

Of course, only Biden knows for sure.  He’s not expected to make the announcement until closer to the convention, which starts Aug. 17.

The campaign is now finalizing vetting, looking at internal polling results on potential picks and talking to finalists one-on-one.

Kamala Harris is one of California’s own.  Palm Springs Mayor Geoff Kors knows her and has worked with her.

“I think very highly of her,” Kors told Uken Report.

In response to a Facebook post, he replied, “While I may have my preferences, every single person being considered is heads and shoulders above Pence. No benefit in being negative about any of the extraordinary women being considered. I will rave about the choice and be on phone banks into swing states. Let’s focus on the goal: Getting rid of the most destructive president in history before he destroys our country and democracy.”

The case, in part, for Kamala Harris. First and foremost, she is intelligent. She possesses razor-sharp prosecutorial skills, which lend themselves well to attack — and counter attack —the Trump administration with precision and discipline. (You know the attacks are coming.) These skills set her apart from others being considered.

She is a strong debater, some argue better than Biden.

To get an idea of her prosecutorial skills, you need not look beyond her performance in Senate hearings where she assertively questioned William Barr, Brett Kavanaugh and Jeff Sessions. Her actions have become viral moments. Check it out here. 

Kamala Harris has been a consistent champion for monthly stimulus relief for the American people, pushing for monthly $2,000 checks to go to a broad swath of Americans until the pandemic is over. She Tweeted about the urgent need on Aug. 2.

Sen. Kamala Harris started her political career as the District Attorney of San Francisco before becoming the first person of color and the first woman to serve as California’s Attorney-general. Finally, she became what we know her as today: the second African-American woman and first South Asian-American senator in American history.

Kamala Harris, a 2020 Democratic presidential nominee, like many other prospective vice presidents, supports democratic socialist policies for healthcare, college, climate change and refers to the wall as “Trump’s medieval vanity project.”


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