Yoga Classes return to the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater in 2023

CATHEDRAL CITY — Yoga classes held earlier this year in the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater proved to be so popular that they will return in January 2023.

Yoga classes will return to the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater each Tuesday from Jan. 10 to March 28, 2023.

Yoga Classes Return to Cathedral City in 2023The City Council this week approved a Special Use Permit (SUP) for the 2023 session of the weekly yoga event in the Cathedral City Community Amphitheater following support from the Parks and Community Events Commission (PACE). The City Council approved funding from the PACE Small Events budget of $3,600 for the instructors and incidentals; and waive all SUP Application fees and Amphitheater rental charges.

In a staff report to the City Council, John Corella, Director of Engineering/Public Works, stated that, “The Yoga in the Park event was extremely well attended, so well attended that it is proposed to have two sessions back-to-back each week for 2023.”

One class will be designed for “Gentle Yoga” and a second class for “Power Yoga.” The Gentle Yoga
class will serve the people who aren’t at the power yoga level.

These free weekly Gentle and Power Yoga classes are proposed to be held on Tuesdays at 8:30 – 9:30 a.m. and 10 – 11 a.m., respectively within the amphitheater from January 10 through March 28 of 2023. This will make a total of 24 classes for the 12 weeks.

Yoga Classes Return to Cathedral City in 2023

Antonio Baciu

“I’m grateful to the City Council for funding us for a second season,” Antonio Baciu, Yoga program creator, told Uken Report. “I’m excited for season two. Yoga at the amphitheater will offer two classes, gentle yoga and power yoga. Two groups were underserved in season one. Some wanted a weekend class, others thought power yoga was too difficult.”

Former Parks Commission Chairman Gary Marshall and I made the weekend class our priority, Baciu said. “But because of events at the amphitheater on the weekends, it wasn’t doable, we even scouted a different location for weekends but just decided the best thing to do was to add a second class and to have an earlier class on Tuesday mornings.”

We will revisit the weekend option if we get a third season, Baciu said.

Antonio Baciu Amphitheater Yoga Creator

The Gentle Yoga class would be taught by paid professional instructor Nicole Cuhney and the Power Yoga class by paid professional instructor Patti Wexler, both well-known yoga instructors in the valley. Volunteers, including resident Baciu, will oversee the classes, hand out mats and clean up
after each class. PACE agreed that the classes would continue to promote and bring awareness to the Amphitheater’s beautiful park setting.

PACE’s requested funding for the classes is listed as follows:

  • $3,000 for the instructors’ 24 classes at $125 each class.
  • $600 for incidentals to put on the classes.


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