CATHEDRAL CITY –With House Democrats proposing two articles of impeachment against President Trump, local activists are taking to some of the busiest and most high-profile intersections in the Coachella Valley to underscore the message.

Ten weeks ago, long before articles of impeachment were drafted, a group of three protesters gathered calling for Trump’s impeachment. The group, led by Bill Holzhauer and Yasmin Espinoza, both of Cathedral City, has been rallying every Monday evening since.

The group has since grown by at least 10 times. They are hoping to attract as many as 100 protesters when they gather in La Quinta on Monday, Dec. 16 at 4:30 p.m. at 46050 Washington St. (AAA) It will be the 11th such protest.

They have held protests in Palm Springs, Cathedral City, and Palm Desert and show no signs of stopping.

Activists Beat Drum for Trump's Impeachment“We plan to make our way across the Coachella Valley and be present in as many cities as we can,” Holzhauer told Uken Report. “Our goal to reach the average person coming home from work or the person going to their second job.  We want others to know we support impeachment and we are with you.  To be able to hear so many horn honks and have the waves (and) thumbs up makes us feel energized. The other fingers we get — and the rude comments — are just pure comedy.”

Holzhauer said the impeachment rallies will be held until the impeachment happens and will continue through the Senate trail with a message of removal.

“Our mission is to be present, to make a statement that we are for the impeachment and removal of the current President,” he said. “We are a part of history and at the end of the day we will be counted because we were present and stood for all Americans. We are activists and act to injustice and unfairness.  We cannot sit and be armchair activists. We must be seen, we must gather, we must be heard.”

We would love to see a 100 people show up this Monday before the Articles of Impeachment are voted on, he said.  It is critical to send a unified message of support for the ideals of America, the process of justice, and to show that all must be active in a democracy.

“Staying home and yelling at your TV is not productive, voices are stronger when others join in,” Holzhauer said.  “Silence equals death.”


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