PALM SPRINGS – Alfie Pettit. an entertainer by profession, is challenging incumbent Mayor Pro Tem Geoff Kors in the newly created District 3.

Pettit, 49, is the second person to file a Candidate Intention Statement to challenge Kors. The other is Michael J. Dilger.

The election is Nov. 5. It will be the first district-based election since  the City Council voted in December to move from at-large elections to district-based elections.

As with Kors and Dilger, Uken Report sent Pettit a series of questions. All potential candidates were given identical questions. Their answers were not edited.

Following are the questions and Pettit’s answers:

Uken Report (UR): Why specifically are you running?

Alfie Pettit: I feel like this City Council has been oblivious to the everyday resident of Palm Springs. I want to provide a voice for the people and will be listening to everybody, not just the constituents in my district, but to all of Palm Springs.

UR: City Council races are typically nonpartisan, but locals races of late have been highly partisan. This is your chance to set the record straight and speak for yourself. Are you liberal, conservative, or other and what that means to you and your constituents.

Alfie Pettit: I am probably mostly liberal as far as social causes. I have always been a champion for the underdog. I am more conservative when it comes to spending and regulations. I want the residents of Palm Springs to know that I will be in tune to their needs and vision, not what a select few see for the future of Palm Springs. Partisan politics do not belong on the Palm Springs City Council.

UR: What is the most pressing issue in your specific district?

Alfie Pettit: I would say infrastructure is of paramount concern. The last plan for infrastructure maintenance was 28 years ago. We have been just fixing as needed as we go.This includes building in my district like Fire Station 1 on Indian Canyon and the main Public Library.on Sunrise. We can”t rebuild Palm Springs with band aides and twine.

UR: With what issue, ordinance, project do you want your name to be most associated?

Alfie Pettit: Easy! Bring back the at large elected position of Mayor. This is a disgrace. Most people don’t even know that we will not have an elected mayor anymore. Plus, no one knows about the “districts” or for that matter what district they are even in for voting.  On a completely different note, I would like to a see a portion of Palm Canyon in downtown, say from Amado to Baristo, become a walking street. Particularly now that Indian Canyon is being turned into a two-way street.

UR: Do you have any local government experience, serving on boards, commissions, etc.

Alfie Pettit: Not in government, but I have served on my local homeowners board for five years and helped prevent the Palermo community from becoming a blighted area and from bankruptcy. When I lived in West Hollywood several years ago, I was president of my association board where I advocated for and facilitated getting a million dollar settlement regarding the Northridge earthquake.

UR: What sets you apart from your challenger(s)?

Alfie Pettit:  I believe I am an accessible candidate people want to talk to. Recently, walking VillageFest it was already demonstrated to me the ease with which people readily approach and start a conversation. I am also the only candidate in any district with a Campaign Coach. I have already traveled all over my district meeting my constituents. I plan to utilize my Campaign Coach and be continuously visible in my district and all over the city up until election day on November 5th.

Alfie Pettit

Alfie Pettit’s campaign coach




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  • Pettit for City Council Campaign Bus: Alan P. Pettit
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