Fields of Valor Honor Veterans in Weeklong Celebration

Annual Fields of Valor Open Saturday, Nov. 4

Fields of Valor schedule

CATHERAL CITY — In one of the most poignant tributes of its kind, the Evening Rotary Club of Cathedral City is organizing the 16th Annual Fields of Valor, from Nov. 4-12, at Patriot Park located at 33998 Date Palm Drive.

This weeklong celebration begins with an Opening Ceremony on Saturday, Nov. 4, recognizing local lost veterans from Riverside and San Bernardino counties in the Vietnam War and California fallen soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. An area will be dedicated to Soldiers of Valor from past wars to honor family and friends.

f you have never been there, it is a must-see tribute. Walk among the flags, read the names and be still. Listen.

“Fields of Valor” honors the men and women from California who served in our military and gave the ultimate sacrifice in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Vietnam. It is located at Patriot Park, 33998 Date Palm Drive in Cathedral City.

This year’s event marks the first year where event organizers will dedicate different sections of the park to honor veterans of conflicts in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Organizers will also separate flags designated to honor fallen veterans as well as veterans of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

The Fields of Valor, which will have a 24-hour display of up to 6,000 flags to honor veterans as the centerpiece, will be located at the corner of Date Palm and Dinah Shore.  The flags are carefully staked, one-by-one, until the Fields of Valor rise in a stunning expanse of red, white and blue.

Each flag represents a soldier killed since 2001.  Fields of Valor is a place to pay respect to those who fought for our freedoms and a place where family and friends can go to heal their hearts and their minds.

The names of local lost veterans will be recorded and looped on a soundtrack to be played throughout the day, ending with taps, a bugle call, at sundown. Veterans’ recognitions will close with a ceremony on Sunday, Nov. 12.

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