MSWD Announces New Strategic Plan and Appointment of New Assistant General Manager

DESERT HOT SPRINGS — Mission Springs Water District recently unveiled its new strategic plan and along with it, a new Assistant General Manager — Marion Champion.

The new plan outlines a comprehensive roadmap for enhancing operations and service delivery across seven key areas: Customer Communications, Water Supply, System Reliability, Financial Management, Technology and Processes, Environmental Sustainability, and Workforce Excellence.

The strategic plan represents MSWD’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its community and ensuring the long-term sustainability of water resources. By focusing on these seven critical areas, MSWD aims to deliver enhanced services, improve efficiency, and promote environmental stewardship.

“Today marks an important milestone for MSWD as we launch our new strategic plan,” said Board President Ivan Sewell. “This plan reflects our dedication to providing exceptional water services while addressing the challenges and opportunities facing our District. We believe that by prioritizing customer communications, investing in infrastructure, and fostering a culture of excellence, we can better serve our community and build a sustainable future.”

Supporting its strategic plan, MSWD General Manager Brian Macy announced the appointment of Champion as the District’s new Assistant General Manager. Champion will play a critical role in helping to oversee the execution of the strategic plan and driving initiatives to advance MSWD’s goals.

“Marion’s experience and dedication to excellence align perfectly with our strategic goals, and I look forward to working together to achieve the Board’s vision for MSWD’s future,” said Macy. “Her expertise and passion for water conservation, communication, and community engagement make her a valuable part of our leadership team.”

Macy recently vacated the assistant general manager role and assumed the general manager position in August. This new appointment underscores MSWD’s commitment to leadership development and promoting internal talent.

“I am honored to expand my role as we work to implement the District’s new strategic plan,” Champion said. “I look forward to working alongside the board, staff, and our community to advance our goals as we will build a stronger, more resilient water district for future generations.”

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