Anti-Semites In Democratic Caucus Aim To Destroy Israel’s Ability To Defend Itself! [Opinion]

Maybe Israel should have just not responded to the 3500 (Iranian-made) rockets being hurled at it’s population centers e.g. Tel-Aviv and have killing Israeli civilians including children? Hell NO!

The SQUAD obviously cares little for Israeli civilians over the lives of Palestinian civilians!

It’s a shame whenever any innocent civilians are killed in any war. BUT, when your enemy is purposefully placing civilians right next to their military machine, many of their civilians will become ultimate casualties!!

Israel was attacked FIRST by lethal rockets coming in from Gaza over settlement issues. The Israeli Courts will determine the outcome of these settlement issues. A civil dispute does NOT rise to a declaration of WAR!

Israel should continue to completely dismantle the war machinery in GAZA, AND, Israel should drop  a few “welcome basket bombs” on Tehran in recognition of them manufacturing the missiles launched from GAZA into Israel.

I am tired of Iran, the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the world, hiding behind their shroud of their “religious aristocracy”  with their dastardly deeds instigating wars and the loss of life of innocent people around the world. Enough is enough!



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