As Gov. Gavin Newson ordered 19 counties experiencing increased spread of coronavirus to stop outings to indoor restaurants, patrons moved to outdoor patios where they could dine and stay cool in triple-digit temperatures with the help of misters and fans.

Depending on the time of day, there are hundreds of misters operating in downtown Palm Springs. Thy are a staple in sizzling summers to help businesses remain open.

COVID-19 spreads when an infected person produces respiratory droplets by speaking, coughing or sneezing. Infected droplets contain coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19.

At least one study shows infected coronavirus droplets can remain in the air for several hours and up to two to three days on certain surfaces.

Outdoor dining has been spared because air currents are more likely to scatter and dilute the virus, making transmission less likely than in a home, office, or other confined space with limited air circulation. Even outdoors, however, it’s important to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet and wear a mask, to reduce risk even further.

One oft-cited CDC study concluded that air conditioning in a restaurant in Guangzhou, China caused the spread of virus-laden droplets, prompting an outbreak. The distance between each table was about one meter, or a little more than three feet.

But if someone sneezes or coughs while fans and misters are operating, does that cause a problem?

“Misters would not be a public health risk related to coronavirus,” Riverside County Public Health Officer told Uken Report.

Additionally, there is no known connection to misters and coronavirus.

“Fans could potentially spread droplets further, however, any potential risk would be lower if the fan is outside and not in an enclosed space,” Cameron said. “We remind the community that wearing required face coverings will keep these droplets in so they are not spread.”

Both the CDC and the World Health Organization have stated there is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread through water.




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