PALM SPRINGS — The ever-popular and bawdy Arial Trampway, Alfie Pettit’s alter ego, has taken her last bow and the curtain has closed on an era.

“Arial has been a beautiful vessel for me in countless ways and has taken me around the world,” Pettit told Uken Report. “It’s nice to have her go out on top of the game which she has changed forever here in Palm Springs. She has ruled the drag scene here for four years. She upgraded and changed the face of drag to the point that she calls it the Drag Queen capital of the world.”

Arial Trampway was born in 1998 in West Hollywood prepping for an appearance at Palm Spring’s White Party. She arrived in a Volvo. Her blond bouffant barely squeezed into the vehicle.

Originally, she was simply Arial, named after the famous mermaid of the same name. Trampway was added when she moved to Palm Springs near the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, the city’s iconic tourist attraction.

Arial Trampway’s true origins most likely began in her parent’s home as a child, where her mother would often dress little Alfie up in makeup and wigs. He took to it willingly.

“There was a noticeable shift with my involvement and partnership with Carnival Cabaret at Oscars that went on for a year and a half,” Pettit said. “It took Drag out of the bars and made it mainstream for all to enjoy — young, old, gay, or straight. We couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve achieved together, It’s really been a beautiful symphony. The Hard Rock was top drawer. The high level in which DRG BRNCH (Divas of Rock Glam Brunch) was produced is unmatchable and became the gold standard for any contemporary day or night drag show produced.”

Now, Pettit said, you can’t swing a breast plate in this town without hitting a Drag Queen.

“It’s incredibly hard work when you are starring, producing, promoting — not to mention what it takes to look that damn good,” Pettit said. “It’s time for all the young chickadees to continue to elevate this beautiful form of creativeness, uniqueness, nerve and talent as the Queen Mum RuPaul says.”

Pettit, 50, has been a resident of Palm Springs for the past 13 years. Originally from Vancouver, Wash., Pettit arrived on the LA scene at age 21 and established the iconic “Alfie’s of Hollywood.”

Dubbed ‘’The Paparazzi with a Pen,’’ by the Los Angeles Times, Alfie’s personality and style gained him introduction and industry access to film, television and pop stars.

“Alfie’s of Hollywood” became a trusted source for photographs, autographs, memorabilia and anecdotes. Alfie has been featured on nationally syndicated television shows including Leeza Gibbons, American Journal, Hard Copy, CNBC Money, as well as international TV appearances in Italy and Japan.

Since first arriving in Palm Springs in 2006, Pettit has been a force in the realms of entertainment and philanthropy.

Alfie and Arial Trampway have raised money for numerous Palm Springs-area and Coachella Valley-based charities, including Desert AIDS Project, Angel View, the Desi Strong Foundation, HRC, and numerous others.

Arial Trampway was a contestant in 2017’s Queen of the Desert pageant, benefitting The Desert AIDS Project, where she won Best Gown. She entertained the audience with original numbers.

One of the former owners and show openers for Carnival Cabaret at Oscars Cafe and Bar, Alfie was honored for his charitable and entertainment work in Palm Springs with a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Fame in Sept 2016. Following that he became the head of his own show, Arial Trampway Presents DRG BRNCH Sundays at Rock Hotel Palm Springs.

A fully produced show, which Pettit originated in concert with the multiple Emmy award-winning producer David Reese, DRGBRNCH flourished at The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs until the end of 2017, when Pettit filed a discrimination lawsuit against the company for unlawful termination of the contract and show. The lawsuit has been successfully settled.

Pettit has recently been working on what has been termed his social media empire, giving fans an immersive look into his life in the spotlight and out.

A book is also reportedly in the works.

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