Be Counted. That’s the message the city of Palm Springs is sending to residents while encouraging them  to take part in the upcoming 2020 Census Count.

Beginning in mid-March, citizens should receive their census invitation in the mail. You can return it via mail or take the survey by phone or online.

In order for Palm Springs to receive its fair share of federal funding, it’s imperative that our households complete the survey because critical federal dollars for our City are at stake.

The U.S. Census takes place every 10 years and is more than just a head count. It provides a snapshot of  the nation that helps determine where to build new schools, hospitals and businesses; how federal funding is distributed; and how Congressional seats are apportioned. It also helps the government see how communities have changed over time.

Beginning in June through the end of July 2020, census takers will start going door to door to count people who have not responded. Census workers are Census Bureau Employees and will provide proof they are official government personnel.

By law, your census responses cannot be used against you by any court of law or government agency such as the FBI, Department of Homeland Security or by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Strict federal law protects census responses as confidential. It is against the law for any census bureau employee to disclose or publish information that identifies an individual or business. So, be counted.

The Census Bureau will never ask for your bank account or credit card account numbers, money or donations, or anything on behalf of a political party.

Be counted!

Image Sources

  • Census: Image by Mary Pahlke from Pixabay