Brother of Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez named to Planning Commission

COACHELLA — Jason Hernandez, the older brother of Coachella Mayor Steven Hernandez, has been appointed to the city Planning Commission.

Some have railed against the appointment saying it is nepotism.

It’s not his first time on the advisory panel. He previously served in 2013, according to the mayor.

Each member of the City Council selects a commissioner. Jason Hernandez was chosen by Council member Neftali Galarza. He will serve as vice chair of the board. Ruben Gonzalez is the chair.

“Commissioners are independent and are expected to remain so,” Mayor Hernandez told Uken Report. “Jason is a Coachella taxpayer, voter and citizen of Coachella; and citizens, last I checked, have every right to participate in civics. Clearly, the Hernandez family is not the only political family in American politics. And what’s funny is we disagree a lot.”

Jason Hernandez is Lead Senior Distribution Designer/quality assurance and quality control at San Bernardino-based Cordoba Corporation, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Cordoba Corporation is an infrastructure development firm.

Other members are:

  • Yurema Arvizu, Frank Figueroa’s appointment
  • Diana Ramirez, Denise Delgado’s appointment
  • Isela Murillo, Stephanie Virgen’s appointment
  • Oscar Fonseca, Mayor Hernandez’s appointment (Fonseca will serve as an alternate.)

The Planning Commission meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month s at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, 1515 Sixth St. For Information regarding meetings, please call 760-398-3102.


Image Sources

  • Jason Hernandez swearing in: Courtesy photo